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A Beautiful Mystery – IDEO’s Spark app

Remote gambling in Singapore facing heavy restrictions – Online and other remote betting activities within Singapore will be illegal, subject to “specific exemptions”, under plans to be drawn up by the Government in the country.

Yahoo! Hong Kong Deals Most Popular Coupon site in Hong Kong, Groupon and Taobao Juhuasuan show strong growth – The coupon sector in Hong Kong has seen a healthy growth of 14.7% from 1.24 million unique visitors in April 2013 to 1.42 million unique visitors in September 2013.

Seattle Diner Booting Customers For Wearing Google Glass – Forbes

Samsung’s marketing splurge doesn’t always bring bang-for-buck | Reuters

Slide fodder: APAC internet penetration and social-media use – Campaign Asia

Samsung’s massive ad spend | Open (minds, finds, conversations)… – compensating for maturity in smartphone design and differentiation

Why a plain packaging U-turn from could cost £3bn a year – According to friendly “leaks” passed to newspapers overnight, the government may force cigarette manufacturers to sell their wares in plain packaging after yet another review, despite rejecting the policy earlier this year.

Ministers will order ISPs to block terrorist and extremist websites | The Guardian – Great Britannic Firewall

Great Japanese burger wrapper design

270 million Android users in China

Xiaomi sold 150,000 handsets in 10 mins on Weixin

Microsoft admits it has ‘too many operating systems’ – Likely will merge Windows RT and Windows Phone

ISPs should block ‘pirate’ websites, says European Court of Justice – Advocate General Cruz Villalón hints at the future

Samsung’s curved Galaxy Round smartphone fails to sell – Firm can’t raise a glass, no one is buying a Round

Latest global comparison of household Internet speeds | Trends in the Living NetworksTrends in the Living Networks

How To Mail Hard Copies When Traveling Without a Printer

China launches antitrust probe into Qualcomm | Telecom Asia

British Airways brings British etiquette to China – Mumbrella Asia

There will be almost 200 million mobile augmented reality users by 2018 – putting pressure on battery technology currently solves by external battery packs and in-car charging

103 Compelling Social Media And Marketing Statistics For 2013 (and 2014) – Business 2 Community – slidefodder

Trailer for Continuum film

19 minute trailer for a space related film Continuum, love the old archive footage in the film and amazing earth shots. Stewart Brand lobbied NASA to release the focus of the earth from space and it became a central part of the environmental lobby’s visual language and the countercultural movement’s bible: The Whole Earth Catalog and proto-online community The WELL.

More information
Continuum website

Pretty vacant: middleweight designer required for Old Street design agency

My good friend Stephen Holmes is looking for a middleweight designer for his agency near Old Street: it’s a small operation that works with some large brands.
Taikonaut graffiti
Here is the full spiel:

Middleweight Graphic Designer
Bloodybigspider is a small design agency in East London working across a huge variety of local and global campaigns, both digital and print. We’re looking for a middleweight designer to join our small team and help out with our ever expanding work load!

You’ll need to have:

  • Strong portfolio of design across branding, literature and digital
  • Hawkeye for detail
  • 3 years+ agency experience
  • Strong CS skills
  • Client facing experience (there’ll be phone calls and meetings)
  • Ability to manage your own time / prioritise workflow across multiple projects
  • Ability to work on your own and in a team
  • Ability to prepare artwork for print and check proofs
  • Initiative and common sense and be a self starter

It would be great (though not essential) if you also have:

  • Basic HTML
  • AfterEffects

In return, as a small agency, we can offer an opportunity to really make your mark and step up in terms of responsibility and projects – some of which you’ll be running.

£27 – £30K DOE

To start as soon as possible

Portfolios under 5MB

* Thanks but no agencies please *

Drop them an email

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Why Intel wants to be everyone’s chip maker – interesting analysis

Brands need to reassess Gen Y – focus on experiences, not really surprising given how many ‘objects’ have been obliterated by digital economy

Unnamed US officials speculate on Snowden’s ‘doomsday cache’ – feels a bit like spin, we’ll never know though

Safeplug delivers Tor-in-a-box for anonymous web surfing | SiliconANGLE – interesting accessible Tor, will this get around the Firefox vulnerabilities that government agencies have used to crack Tor?

Luxury Brands and the Lure of Social Media – Euromonitor International

ROLEX Facebook page – really nice terms of service that the brand shines through

Consumer Appliances 2014 Edition – The State of the Market – Euromonitor International

Tackling the Potential Christmas Spending Slump

High Protein Trend Set to Revive Peanuts – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International

50 ways that you know you are generation-x

50 ways that you know you are generation-x, in no particular order:

  1. You were afraid of a hole in the ozone layer before climate change became the new green cause
  2. You hear the word portal and think of an early website with a cluttered layout like a broadsheet newspaper from companies like MSN, Yahoo! and Excite rather than a round window with a nautical theme or the PC game
  3. You can remember when your cellphone was smaller than your current iPhone
  4. You can remember feeling sad when the local HMV | Tower Records | Fopp closed down
  5. One of your coolest friends worked behind the counter in an independent record or comic shop
  6. Bill Gates is the ex-CEO of Microsoft, not a global do-gooder
  7. You can remember when Sony and Nokia were cool
  8. Morrissey is up there with Plato
  9. The M in MTV stood for music
  10. You can remember when the Argos catalogue was a cornucopia of consumerism
  11. You remember reading American Psycho and sharing which page you were able to read up to with friends before having to give up on the book
  12. The first time you heard of Calvin Klein was as a punchline in Back To The Future
  13. You still call a Snickers bar a Marathon on occasion, ditto Starburst and Opal Fruits
  14. You ‘got’ the Rutger Hauer Guinness adverts
  15. There weren’t comedians before alternative comedians like Ben Elton
  16. You can remember when watching TV meant four or less channels
  17. You can remember the wonder of the internet before the spam became overwhelming
  18. When you see Guy Pearce in a film, you still think of his character Mike Young; a friend of Scott and Charlene in Neighbours
  19. You were blown away by the first series of This Life; it really spoke to you
  20. The truth is out there still; Edward Snowden’s allegations sound like a plot from a lost series of the X Files
  21. You find yourself asking when did Lego get so expensive?
  22. You can remember River Island when it was Chelsea Girl and Concept Man
  23. You can remember the static build-up on the front of the TV when it had been on a while and then turned off and watching the dot in the middle of the screen fade to black in a darkened room like some impromptu nightlight
  24. You had considered booking a last minute getaway in Spain at some point because of the amazing offer you had found on Teletext
  25. Everyone you knew had Dire Straits Brothers in Arms in their CD collection, even if they hated Dire Straits. There was some dark conspiracy involving black helicopters in how the discs made their way into every home
  26. You owned a ‘Groover’ Hoover logo t-shirt at some point
  27. You’ve had someone come up and offer you money for your decade old Adidas Superstar reissues from the early noughties
  28. You customised your instant messenger client with AIM buddy icon packs that brands used to provide as a download alongside with screensavers and wallpapers. My personal favourite was the swirling cow in the tornado offered as a free download to promote Twister when it was released at the cinema
  29. You’ve owned an Ericsson mobile phone
  30. You can remember when petrol stations sold four-star leaded petrol, older people can even remember the  five-star leaded petrol that stopped being sold sometime after the 1973 OPEC oil embargo
  31. You wore a Swatch watch and thought it was cool, you may have even splurged for a Swatch internet time (@time) watch later on
  32. You’ve got the original 1994 version of Renaissance: The Mix Collection by Sasha and John Digweed. You may even point out by how the 2004 re-master of the album was ruined since it no longer features the Qat Mix (by Sasha) of M-People’s How Can I Love You More? If you actually went to Renaissance at the Venue 44 in Mansfield you are probably hoping blurry photos of you in a Versace shirt, leather trousers and a pair of Red Wing engineers boots never make it online
  33. You know the weak spot of Global Hypercolour t-shirts, contrast coloured arm pits
  34. You’ve used an AOL install CD as a coffee coaster
  35. You know Graffiti
  36. You paid (or dodged) poll tax
  37. You felt discriminated against by the government because of your love of repetitive beats
  38. You own a Ministry of Sound mix CD collection in a hard back book type case
  39. You used to read Select magazine
  40. You’ve used Wella Shockwaves ‘wet-look styling gel’
  41. You tried to get a Magic Eye poster to work but all you saw was a fractal mess
  42. You bought a copy of NME with a flexi-disc on the front
  43. The first Tolkien film you’ve seen was Ralph Bakshi’s animated version of The Lord of The Rings
  44. You can remember when the first McDonald’s opened in your town and served root beer. Secondly, when you asked for a Coke you were told ‘that’s McDonald’s cola’
  45. Bod, Auntie Flo, PC Copper, Frank the Postman, Farmer Barleymow, Alberto Frog and his Amazing Animal Band – need no explanation
  46. You liked the Beastie Boys before their seminal Paul’s Boutique album
  47. Audio on the move meant Walkman and a selection of carefully curated mix cassettes
  48. The line ‘Get on down and party’ meant that you had caught the opening credits of Dance Energy with Normski
  49. It’s still weird catching Janet Street-Porter of ‘yoof TV’ fame on Loose Women whilst channel-hopping
  50. You’ve used a television without a remote control

How international organisations use Twitter

My colleague Matthias Lüfkens based in Geneva is the prime mover behind and the research hosted on the site. He recently extended the remit beyond governments to also address international organisations. Here he presents the findings from the research.

Matthias’ presentation can be found here

More information
Matthias on LinkedIn

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How Ford is building an app program by developers, for developers (video) | VentureBeat – how long before we have Stuxnet for cars used to target people who may own a Ford like say some of the Mexican cartels?

PARC and SAP Co-innovation: Adding Graph Analytics to SAP HANA | PARC blog

Swatting at a Swarm of Public Relations Spam – – expect a detonation on media relations practices

Pharrell Williams – Happy – despite the insanity of having a 24-hour video, it works. In addition the time visualisation is lovely. Simple flat design that feels a bit like HUD (head up display). My favourite clip kicks in at 4:20PM

Deconstructing the narrative of American Exceptionalism in Mobile Technology

Cool Websites & Tools – PDF Search Engine, Brain Teasers, & Real-Time FilesharingPDF Fetch – is a search engine for finding PDF files. According to the site, it fetches PDF files, eBooks, digital publications, presentations and electronic documents. Simply type what kind of PDF file you are searching for – yes there is a Google shortcut but people may find this easier

Early History of HTML – 1990 to 1992

China’s Fathers Say Driving Children Is Their Most Important Job as a Parent – WSJ

Will mining the big data translate into less sales?

World Wide Web founder predicts Chinese leaders will take down ‘Great Firewall’ on their own – The inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, predicts that Chinese leaders will eventually dismantle the ‘Great Firewall’ on their own because it’s inhibiting economic growth.

Botched RFID launch lost JC Penney a fortune | WSJ

Managing expectations is more important than actual performance for CEOs – Quartz – And PR has it’s role to play

Starbucks is now selling 46% more things an hour than it was five years ago – Starbucks product sales

Wolff Olins Blog – Make enemies, not just friends – or stand for something

Behind the Lancôme Digital Experience | L2’s The Daily

How Important is Measuring Social Media’s ROI? | L2’s The Daily

Social Proof: How and Why it is the most important factor in modern marketing — mobileYouth®

Unintended Consequences of Mobile Payment – Euromonitor International

Is Smart Wi-Fi Router the Next Big Thing in China? | Technode

WordPress Goes Legal: Sues Over Two Egregiously Bogus DMCA Notices That Were Designed To Censor | Techdirt – interesting as this could have implications for Hotfile / Time Warner

Intel Chairman Andy Bryant Says Chipmaker Had Seemed to Lose its Way – AllThingsD

Baidu Launched Brand Digital Equity List With Millward Brown — China Internet Watch

It’s a Good Policy to Have Social Media Rules in Writing – – social media policies tame the wild world of digital.

Understated London meet-up

In London next week to take care of business and realised I couldn’t meet up with everyone that I wanted to. So I have organised an understated meet-up on 28th from 6pm onward at De Hems, 11 Macclesfield Street, London W1.

Obligatory Facebook event or just post a comment in this post if you are up for coming along.

View Larger Map

Great disco mix to go along with Friday

Get Down present… Disco Diggin’ by Getdownsounds on Mixcloud

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British Airways: Plane Detecting Billboards | Digital Buzz Blog

Case study: Fyffes turns bananas into comic strips – Digital Intelligence

Internet cafes in the developing world find out what happens when everyone gets a smartphone – Quartz

Most ‘Great Singapore Sale’ print ads failed to draw consumers: Ipsos – Campaign Asia – (paywall)

Time shifting viewing ‘becoming the norm’ – Digital Intelligence

YouTube’s Mobile Apps Get Their First, ‘Native’ Takeover Ad | Digital – Advertising Age

Walmart Employee Food Drive – Business Insider

Responsive design vs. adaptive delivery: Which one’s right for you? | VentureBeat

LinkedIn’s New Showcase Pages Allow Companies To Highlight Specific Products And Projects | TechCrunch

Warner Bros. Admits To Issuing Bogus Takedowns; Gloats To Court How There’s Nothing Anyone Can Do About That | Techdirt

Forrester’s Asia Pacific Predictions for 2014 | Forrester Webinar – Business controlled IT budget growth will accelerate in APAC come 2014

Out in the Open: The German Plot to Give You Complete Control of Your Phone | Wired Enterprise |

Arise: Ghost In The Shell vs. JPRS

After I got over the excitement of yet another installation in the Ghost In The Shell anime series, I realised that the new trailer which came out to promote a move of the film website from a .com to a .jp domain was a bit more than that. There is a quick explanation of how the web works and then a big shout-out for JPRS or Japan Registry Services – the people who are responsible for the .jp top level domain name.

The clip is up to the high standard that you would expect from the Dons of CyberPunk anime – Production I.G.

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China Mobile Launches Jego Mobile App to Grow International Business – China Real Time Report – WSJ – we’ll see

Matt Cutts Answers If Every Page Needs To Have A Unique Meta Description – avoid duplicates is the main takeaway

Millennials’ Most Frequently Consumed Video Content? Still TV Shows

Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority – comScore, Inc – reg wall

A VC: Android and iOS Demographics In The US

Finnish Internet Users are Most Avid Consumers of Online News

Microsoft’s dystopian pitch for remote work by David of 37signals – but an honest reflection of the way technologies like Blackberry have been used

Apple & Samsung take massive 109% of mobile industry profits while competitors lose money – looks very like the PC industry

The Mind Bending Future of Computer Science | Socialnomics – slide fodder

Google’s Broken Promises & Who’s Running The Search Engine? – incisive and interesting analysis by Danny Sullivan of Google. On a related tip: Erik McClure: Google’s Decline Really Bugs Me

I Believe in Advertising | Absolut Vodka: Absolut Unique Access – interesting WhatsApp campaign

iPad Sales Q1 2014: iPad is disappointing, UBS says | BGR – market share or profit share?

Why Do Companies Still Use Microsoft Windows For Displays? ← Terence Eden’s Blog

Ballmer reflects on time with Microsoft: ‘I’m big, I’m bald and I’m loud’ | BGR – an eye on the future in this interview, smarter than his peers at Microsoft

60 Signs Your Brand Is Dying

The shifting pay TV industry in two charts — Tech News and Analysis

Don’t hate Mondays—they’re the best day to apply for a job – Quartz – I am sure that this is spurious data but nonetheless

Japan Today | Smart watch review – it sounds like Sony had a sounder design approach but Samsung has advertising

Teens, Social Media, and Privacy | Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

BehaviorMatrix℠ – Applied Behavioral Analytics – Don’t just listen. Understand.

Digital trends from LeWeb

A preview of some of the trends that Loic Le Meur will be talking about at LeWeb in December.

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Amazon opens doors to Kinesis: The Hotel California of the cloud • The Register

JPMorgan’s Twitter session that went horribly wrong

How to Get the Classic Mac Sounds Back Into OS X Mountain Lion – genius

A Better Backpack: Sustainable Design – Sustainable Future by Daniel Eckler — Kickstarter – nice bit of heirloom design

How Bank of England measures economic uncertainty from newspaper cuttings | Westminster blog – press clippings are not a meaningful economic measure

Reasons Why Tesco Mobile, Jaffa Cake, Yorkshire Tea, Cadburys And PhileasFogg WIN At Twitter

WeChat helps Tencent make over HK$637m in Single’s Day sales | South China Morning Post“Shopping habits in the mobile space are different from the PC space,” Song Yang, Tencent’s deputy general manager for e-commerce, explained to “The PC space is more search driven while the phone space is meant to be simple, convenient, and good for quick decision-making… For [WeChat], rather than showing all models, we decided to go with a selection of the year’s best-selling goods instead.

“We believe that [this year’s Singles Day WeChat sales] were mainly testing the water and positioning us to understand the needs of mobile users,” Song acknowledged, pointing out that Tencent’s usage of WeChat in its sales promotions was an ongoing experiment and would likely change and improve over time. (Paywall)

WeShare – Site – Hong Kong blogging platform to replace Yahoo! blogs

What do we actually do on our phones? « PRmoment Blog

Yahoo work-from-home ban is a trust issue, says Microsoft chief envisioning officer – Brand Republic News

How to Get the Emoji Keyboard on Your iOS or Android Device | Gadget Lab |

CONSUMER BAROMETER – insights in online & offline purchase behavior – some great international data points here

Jolla spurns Google, picks Yandex’s alternative Android app store for its smartphones – The Next Web

Open sourcers can’t create new penguins – Mules of the IT world | TechEye

WeChat’s growth is slowing but it’s finally set to start making money – Quartz

The British economy continues to do better. British people, not so much – Quartz

Smithsonian X 3D

Next-gen HTTP 2.0 protocol will require HTTPS encryption (most of the time) | PCWorld

Google Is Bigger Than Magazines And Newspapers – Business Insider

Impatient Beijing subway commuters get the better of German fare machines | South China Morning Post – not understanding the user context

Group of China Internet firms say to sue Baidu over copyright violations | Reuters

Japan to tap technology for military use, another step away from pacifism – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun – also could kickstart Japanese innovation which has been lacking

Cisco Systems Q1 2014 earnings transcript – interesting thing here is how Cisco is winning deals and then having the wins cancelled in China