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Cookie Tracking

Google, Microsoft Threaten End to Cookie Tracking – WSJ.comMicrosoft quietly announced in a blog post that the company will give marketers the ability to track and advertise to people who use apps on its Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system on tablets and PCs. The company will do this by assigning each user a number—a unique identifier—that monitors them across all of their apps. (The system doesn’t block cookies in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Web browser.) Industry players think Microsoft-powered smartphones and Xbox game consoles will be a natural extension of the system – cookie tracking is effectively going into everything with this technology. I do wonder how Microsoft will continue cookie tracking moving forwards as its business moves away from advertising, to software and services focus, primarily for businesses.


Yahoo work-from-home ban is a trust issue, says Microsoft chief envisioning officer – Brand Republic News

WPP CEO Martin Sorrell Talks Candidly About Mergers, Mayhem—and His Own Demise | Adweekwe live in a world where people don’t want to take risks, a world where the average CEO lasts five years and an average CMO in America two years. There are good examples of people prepared to invest, willing to take risks, but they have to unfortunately deal with quarterly performance, non-executive directors, corporate governance, regulators.


A Better Backpack: Sustainable Design – Sustainable Future by Daniel Eckler — Kickstarter – nice bit of heirloom design

China’s Building Push Goes Underground. – – interesting standardised approach to building mass transit systems


How Bank of England measures economic uncertainty from newspaper cuttings | Westminster blog – press clippings are not a meaningful economic measure

The British economy continues to do better. British people, not so much – Quartz

White Paper: Reaching the Emerging Middle Classes Beyond BRIC – Euromonitor International


Reasons Why Tesco Mobile, Jaffa Cake, Yorkshire Tea, Cadburys And PhileasFogg WIN At Twitter

How to

How to Get the Emoji Keyboard on Your iOS or Android Device | Gadget Lab |

How to Get the Classic Mac Sounds Back Into OS X Mountain Lion – genius


Why US Airlines Have Been Consolidating – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International

Can Computers Negotiate? Win-Win Negotiations in a Virtual World | INSEAD Knowledge

What’s an Active User worth? | – the interesting bit here is how much Twitter and iPhone users are worth respectively

A Marine Grunt’s Take on GPS, Compasses, Radios and the ‘Golden Hour’ – Defense One – interesting insights into human adoption of technology and common sense


Japan to tap technology for military use, another step away from pacifism – AJW by The Asahi Shimbun – also could kickstart Japanese innovation which has been lacking


Apple Finds Surprising Growth Market in Japan –


Adobe® Analytics | 2013 Trends for the B2C CMO

Easy Social Media Analytics & Measurement | Simply Measured


Google Is Bigger Than Magazines And Newspapers – Business Insider

Group of China Internet firms say to sue Baidu over copyright violations | Reuters

Messaging App Line Now Brings In Nearly $100M A Quarter, But No Official Word On An IPO | TechCrunch


JPMorgan’s Twitter session that went horribly wrong

WeShare – Site – Hong Kong blogging platform to replace Yahoo! blogs

True Social Metrics: Social media analytics

WeChat’s growth is slowing but it’s finally set to start making money – Quartz


WeChat helps Tencent make over HK$637m in Single’s Day sales | South China Morning Post“Shopping habits in the mobile space are different from the PC space,” Song Yang, Tencent’s deputy general manager for e-commerce, explained to “The PC space is more search driven while the phone space is meant to be simple, convenient, and good for quick decision-making… For [WeChat], rather than showing all models, we decided to go with a selection of the year’s best-selling goods instead.

CONSUMER BAROMETER – insights in online & offline purchase behavior – some great international data points here

Christmas 2013: Consumers in Europe – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International

New Research Shows Shoplifting, Retail Crime on the Rise Globally – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International


Next-gen HTTP 2.0 protocol will require HTTPS encryption (most of the time) | PCWorld

Impatient Beijing subway commuters get the better of German fare machines | South China Morning Post – not understanding the user context

Half of all computer malware is written in Chinese, but the most dangerous is written in Russian – Quartz


Jolla spurns Google, picks Yandex’s alternative Android app store for its smartphones – The Next Web

Open sourcers can’t create new penguins – Mules of the IT world | TechEye

App Maker – Make an app with Conduit Mobile


Taiwan’s ‘White Shirt Army,’ spurred by Facebook, takes on political parties – The Washington Post


Amazon opens doors to Kinesis: The Hotel California of the cloud • The Register

Smaller isn’t always better: The vanishing benefits (and profits) of smaller processes and new foundry tech | ExtremeTech


Cisco Systems Q1 2014 earnings transcript – interesting thing here is how Cisco is winning deals and then having the wins cancelled in China

Web of no web

Smithsonian X 3D

Apple maps: how Google lost when everyone thought it had won | Technology |


What do we actually do on our phones? « PRmoment Blog

Elop Microsoft CEO Strategy Analysis: Can execs prevent killing spree? | BGRthis is a rare spectacle — much like “Game of Thrones” but without dragons or magic or glamor or sex or nobility or physically attractive people

Apple Surpassed ZTE To Rank The Fifth in China — China Internet Watch

Smartphones take lead with 55% of mobile phone sales | Mobile – CNET News