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Brainlike Computers, Learning From Experience – – Qualcomm to launch commercial version ”No one at Google is Returning Our Calls” – DIGITS to DOLLARS – an opportunity for Jolla? 7 Pieces of “Damn Good” Creative Advice From ’60s Ad Man George Lois | Co.Create | creativity + culture + commerce – 5 pieces of […]

Flash data on UK e-tailing Christmas portends poor numbers?

Earlier in the month I saw numbers that indicated that the savings of UK consumers dipped to their lowest level in forty years. Now we have some interesting e-tailing data for the UK over the Christmas period. The comparisons with European data must also be considered against online market maturity as well. The UK e-tailing […]

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Busy day for Irish stores on St Stephen’s Day – – driven largely by China ex-pats Putting people first Ethnographic research: Facebook is basically dead and buried with UK teenagers With $200 Million in Revenue, South Korea’s Top Messaging App Is All Smiley Faces – Bloomberg – more ubiquitous than Facebook A Triumph for […]

Crystal ball-gazing: 2013 how did I do?

As with a number of previous years I put my head together and came up with three predictions for 2013, now is the time when I measure how I did. Unlike previous years I made less predictions than I have done in previous years, so the only way I can beat my 85.7% prediction rate […]

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F-Secure won’t speak at imperialist lackey RSA’s conference • The Register People Pick Up Their Smartphones Dozens of Times A Day; Downtime A Key Reason – but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right context for direct response advertising Cameron’s porn filter blocks tech sites – Better you don’t know stuff | TechEye – UNIX […]