Secret handshakes + more

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Secret handshakes

Secret Handshakes Greet Frat Brothers on Wall Street – Bloomberg – when I was growing up it was the secret handshake of freemasonry that was supposed to unlock success. Or if you moved in the right circles, it was the secret handshakes and phrases that indicated that you had attended a certain public school. Now it is supposed to be the secret handshakes of fraternity houses across US universities. Is this more shocking than any other form of connection, like a friend of Daddy?


With $200 Million in Revenue, South Korea’s Top Messaging App Is All Smiley Faces – Bloomberg – more ubiquitous than Facebook

Consumer behaviour

Putting people first Ethnographic research: Facebook is basically dead and buried with UK teenagers

People Pick Up Their Smartphones Dozens of Times A Day; Downtime A Key Reason – but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right context for direct response advertising

US consumers shopped less | RTHK – guess a quiet Christmas for US retailers?


A Triumph for Transit in Cincinnati Could Mark Major Policy Shift | – move towards urban living


Hidali – amazing Japanese choreographer team who put together this great video for Respect the Aged day in Japan


Busy day for Irish stores on St Stephen’s Day – – driven largely by China ex-pats


Michael Wolff on Digital Media in 2014: ‘Pretty Damn Bleak’ | Digiday – depressing but not terribly surprising

The veracity of viral » Nieman Journalism Lab – just because something is shared, doesn’t mean that it’s true


F-Secure won’t speak at imperialist lackey RSA’s conference • The Register

Cameron’s porn filter blocks tech sites – Better you don’t know stuff | TechEyeUNIX and Linux sites as well


Telecoms in China have little incentive to cut spam text traffic| – because they make money from it


How Many iPhones Can Apple Sell in China? – Businessweek – profit share rather than market share

4G MobileArgentine netizens call for looting of Chinese-run shops| – its the LA riots  where they targeted Korean shopkeepers and antisemitism all over again

Living Index – how EE claims tat 4G is changing subscriber consumer behaviour (PDF)