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Google Glass vs. Segway: designs heavily criticized by Marc Newson | BGR

Data point: Consumers hesitant about in-store tracking | JWTIntelligence

64pc of urban Chinese say craftsmanship most defines luxury: study | Luxury Daily

Pinterest: a big traffic driver to retail sites | Marketing Forward

How the NSA Can Use Metadata to Predict Your Personality | DefenceOne – Despite assurances that metadata is free of content, new research shows that it can be highly personal. By Patrick Tucker

Is the Oculus Rift designed to be sexist? Quartz

Microsoft’s plan to never again get left behind by the changing device landscape – Quartz

China’s Bills Come Due | The Financialist

4K Tech Following Similar, But Faster, Growth Pattern as HDTV

Microsoft Paid Up To $150M To Buy Wearable Computing IP From The Osterhout Design Group | TechCrunch

Growth in mainland Chinese interest in premium Swiss watches surges | South China Morning Post  – mainland China had the highest year-on-year growth in demand for all luxury watch categories last year, at 59.4 per cent, more than 10 times the global average of 5.7 per cent (paywall)

Microsoft releases Office for iPad, subscription required for editing docs | Engadget

Line now has 390 million users | Techinasia

What are the most desired smartphone brands in China? | Resonance China

Klout acquired for $200 million by Lithium Technologies – Fortune Tech

25 Fascinating Charts Of Negotiation Styles Around The World | Business Insider

China’s CIC Seeks New Bridges for Investment – Credit Suisse

Photos just got more social | Twitter Blogs

Google I/O 2014 – interesting dynamic site

Errata Security: We may have witnessed a NSA “Shotgiant” TAO-like action – Huawei’s support contracts are the weak link in telco networks

Changes to Subscriptions 26 March 2014 –

STUDY: Facebook’s Role In Pew Research Center’s ‘State Of The News Media 2014’ – AllFacebook

Apple hires BlackBerry’s top software VP, BlackBerry wins court battle over departure | iMore

Bridge US Is a Platform to Help People with the US Immigration Process | The Next Web

How do different types of content assets influence the consumer purchase decision process – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

Daily chart: Moving up | The Economist

PSFK Future Of Wearable Tech Report

HKTV may get worldwide audience – except Hong Kong | South China Morning Post – HKTV as an international independent producer of content rather than a domestic TV station (paywall)

Qualcomm CEO aims to predict your heart attack and isn’t sure about VR — GigaOm

A “Perfect Storm” Moment for Multibillion-Dollar Open Source Companies | Re/code

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Motorola Moto 360 – Luxury News

MPAA: Moviegoers Use More ‘Piracy-Enabling’ Smartphones | TorrentFreak

Oculus Grift: Kickstarter As Charity For Venture Capitalists | Valleywag

Panasonic HX-A500 is a GoPro rival that shoots in 4K | T3

Adobe Expands Its Marketing Cloud With Predictive Tools, iBeacon Support, And More | TechCrunch

Don’t spread (never standardize on) bad designs such as USB | (EN) – why the EU shouldn’t standardise on USB

Party like it’s 2007 again? Don’t hold your breath | South China Morning Post – interesting article on changing economics in developed world and BRICs countries (paywall)

Tiffany & co. QR code | Barcoding Inc. Blog Barcoding Blog

WeChat Account Types for Brands | Sheng Li Digital

Trends that drive the auto industry | GfK Insights Blog

WeChat Adds LBS Tags to ‘Moments’ Wall | Marbridge Consulting

Gemalto | Stuck at the airport again? Introducing the secure solution to speed up immigration

In Google’s Shadow, Facebook’s Zuckerberg Pursued Oculus Over Several Months, Ending in Weekend Marathon of Dealmaking | Re/code

Wells Fargo’s listening: Bank unveils ‘social media command center’ in San Francisco – San Francisco Business Times

Hong Kong banks have loaned 165% of the territory’s GDP to China – Quartz

China forces local video sites to hire govt-approved censors | Techinasia

Why China’s cities need to get denser, not bigger – Quartz

Bots And Fake Traffic – Business Insider

Resonance China | Three statistics you should know about China’s taxi APP boom.

Luxury Fashion Brands Targeting Global ‘Yummies’: Young Urban Males – Businessweek – interesting how rented goods (like the Lexus car example) are seen as diminished as people use purchased luxury goods to reflect status

China’s trillion dollar mobile payments industry is under attack – Quartz

Mobile search ‘to surpass desktop’ by 2015 | IAB UK – interesting though Marine Software do have a vested interest ;-)

WeChat Update Increases New Feature for Dianping — China Internet Watch

Google Glass – Google+ – The Top 10 Google Glass Myths Mr. Rogers was a Navy SEAL.… – the fact they had to write this shows how bad Google Glass has been handled

Expedia launches first TV commercial in Hong Kong | Marketing Interactive – the app is interesting because of its ‘mobile first’ approach

WPP makes second China acquisition this week, and it’s only Tuesday | Marketing Interactive – interesting purchase around digital experiential marketing

Asos and Nike celebrate 27 years of Air Max with first Google+ shoppable hangout – Brand Republic

Flurry Launches Database to Watch Every Step You Take In Mobile Apps | AdAge

Our search for meaning and the brands that deliver // Weber Shandwick

ATMs look to Linux as Windows XP enters its death throes | SiliconANGLE

People Are Sharing in the Collaborative Economy for Convenience and Price | Jeremiah Owyang

Pinterest gets serious about ad revenue with new ‘promoted pins’

Microsoft-Nokia deal closure pushed back until April | VentureBeat

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

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Things that made my day this week:

Valve’s documentary on the competition and passion that players have for the Dota 2 strategy game.

Georgio Armani’s Frames of Life – which are beautifully shot and largely product free

HSBC and Cathay Pacific are the major sponsors of the Hong Kong Sevens; which is an excuse for a weekend party. HSBC have put together this ad to celebrate their part in it, Cathay Pacific’s videos by comparison are a bit lame

Nice bit of heritage content from Adidas about the ZX8000; I am not terribly impressed by the modern incarnation of the design though

Whilst I appreciate that Google has some brilliant thinkers and can make (not always mind you) some insanely great products they just don’t seem to get human factors, which means their ideas come across as creepy and disturbing (like violating your shredded privacy further for fun (science) and profit. If they were made to come across as more human, their ideas would be less creepy

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Messaging’s middleware moment

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Back in the mid-1990s, middleware was a way of describing how layers of software were connected together in enterprises to provide functions and tailored outcomes.

At around the same time, Microsoft was at its most dominant and almost missed out on the web as a nascent platform. In fact the first edition of The Road Ahead that Bill Gates wrote alongside Nathan Myhrvold and Peter Rinearson saw the Internet as one of the “important precursors of the information highway…suggestive of [its] future” (p. 89); he noted that the “popularity of the Internet is the most important single development in the world of computing since the IBM PC was introduced in 1981” (p. 91) but “today’s Internet is not the information highway I imagine, although you can think of it as the beginning of the highway“, the information highway he envisioned would be as different from the Internet as the Oregon Trail was to Interstate 84.

One reviewer noted that

World Wide Web receives just four index citations and is treated as a functional appendage of the Internet (rather than its driving force)

And for a while Netscape had a clear run at the browser market, building up to one of the largest IPOs ever. One of the things that made Netscape so dangerous was that the browser became the gateway to applications like sales orders, email or looking up a database, it was an app facilitator and the browser became an operating system substitute. It no longer mattered so much if you had a Mac or a PC.  The browser and web effectively became middleware.

I realised last year that messaging services like KakaoTalk, WeChat and LINE were moving beyond messaging to becoming something more. By becoming platforms they could provide a richer experience to users, the integrate:

  • Gaming
  • A blogging-type platform
  • Payments
  • Social commerce
  • Travel information

This looks eerily close to Netscape’s web of middleware positioning in the mid-1990s. Ted Livingston, CEO of Kik outlined just this scenario in an article on the messaging landscape for Techcrunch last week.

Where this gets interesting is when think about what this means for the likes of Google’s Android operating system or Microsoft Windows phone, where the raison d’être of these operating systems is as a gateway to web services (and an audience for mobile advertising). The more functionality that happens inside the messaging application, the less opportunity there is for the likes of Google and Microsoft to direct the consumer towards their advertising inventory.

It corrodes the very reach Google tried to achieve by having its own smartphone operating system and competing with Apple. Google is already under assault in the operating system itself as Chinese vendors like Xiaomi and Oppo alongside Amazon have customised their own operating systems based on Android.  Google services are not provides on a third of Android devices sold already, messaging applications as a platform exasperate the situation further.

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