Jargon watch: yiminjian

One of the most popular articles on the South China Morning Post website this year was about the phenomenon of yiminjian or ‘immigration jail’. That anyone should immigrate to Canada while regarding living there as a burdensome task to be endured or avoided might sound weird, but the concept is so common among some Chinese […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Demographics Of Social Media By Gender – Business Insider – interesting opportunities for targeting Samsung Addresses a Growing Mobile Health Market with Industry’s First Smart Bio-Processor – Samsung Blog – am sure Apple already has custom silicon that does similar, at least since the M7 motion co-processor in the Apple iPhone 5S or the Apple Watch’s […]

John W. Milnor on Differential Topology

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Marc Andreessen: ‘In 20 years, every physical item will have a chip implanted in it’ – Telegraph – but is it needed? Browsers Are Starting to Block Ads by Default | Motherboard – interesting move, especially when one thinks about the trend of manufacturers like Sony (and others) to load their machines with crapware for money Three […]

Things that made my day this week

It hasn’t felt like Christmas week, the pace of work hasn’t backed off Dragon Ball characters appear in Ford anime ad specifically made for English-speakers 【Video】 – unfortunately it is unavailable in the UK Great idiosyncratic video that talks about the kind of product design considerations customers need to think about in buying a quality […]