Things that made my day this week

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Dragon Ball characters appear in Ford anime ad specifically made for English-speakers 【Video】 – unfortunately it is unavailable in the UK, there must be some kind of geography-related images rights licensing issue with Dragon Ball. That’s a shame as it looks like a beautiful bit of work for Ford

Great idiosyncratic video that talks about the kind of product design considerations customers need to think about in buying a quality bag. The less seams that you have, the less points of failure that you have in the bab. More design content here.

Pressure Scale – great iPhone hack as a HTML 5 web app. It uses the iPhone’s own sensors to provide a pressure gauge. This goes to show the Swiss Army knife nature of smartphones.

Quentin Tarantino has a reputation for interpolating other film makers work, that he picked up from his time working behind the counter of a great video rental store called Video Archives in Manhattan Beach, California. When it closed down he bought their complete catalogue of content. Some of this won’t have made it to digital formats such as Blu Ray or streaming. I presume that he’ll never be bored, with that comprehensive a film library.

Hungry for more clicks, Zomato is running a killer marketing campaign on porn sites – PornHub has also done similar campaigns with the likes of Diesel jeans. There is a wider ethical discussion to have around this.

Where the line falls will depend on the customer base and the corporate brand.

Whilst it might be right for Axe or Lynx male grooming products, that doesn’t mean that Unilever should do it because of its corporate stance and the knock on effects to the likes of Dove.

On the other hand, a brand that thrives on controversy like Dolce & Gabbana might be a much better fit.