I like: Daybreak

Daybreak is an interesting piece of branded content that was put together by BBDO for US mobile operator AT&T to promote their new smartphone range and network services over the summer.
Daybreak's Jack Box app
A clever use of web episodes, a plot that weaves in science and new age theories and an application that tries to involve the audience in the storyline. It was a smart way of engaging with a young gadget buying demographic.

It harks back to two earlier parts of media history:

  • Branded content was a staple of commercial radio, particularly in the US during the early 20th century, it is why we call the likes of Coronation Street and Eastenders ‘soap operas’
  • The multi-channel storytelling across video, applications and third party websites harks back at least as far as 2001 when Electronic Arts released Majestic. It was released at a bad time with 9/11 and then a diminished demand once they started it up again killed it for good. Canadian TV show ReGenesis used a mix of interactive web content to bring the audience into the story as a protagonist for the four seasons that it ran

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

This week started with continuous rain since Sunday evening of biblical proportions. I managed to catch up with my old friend DJ Griff, who I’ve known since we both DJ’ed at a bar that was losing it’s licence and so  the owner didn’t care any more – happy times and ridiculously late riotous nights ensued.

K7! Records have a great way to celebrate their 27th birthday, by giving away two great tunes each week until October 16.

Casio shot this great film about a retrospective exhibition of graffiti artist and street wear designer Eric Haze’ work and label.

It’s interesting to see how street wear has transcended fashion to become art in its own right in the space of just two decades or so.
I had read Paul Oakenfold’s official biography, the first five or so chapters are interesting because of the way they portray the early London house scene that Oakenfold was a part of.

Finally a Drums of Death mix from BBC Radio 1 on Soundcloud

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EU Officials Propose Internet Cops On Patrol, No Anonymity & No Obscure Languages (Because Terrorism!) | Techdirt – because this all worked really well in Korea when Cyworld got cracked and wholesale identity theft occurred

Information Processing: “… the good things just don’t get shown to Western investors”

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Old 2.0: interfaces and use cases

I have donated my iPad to my parents. Before I did this I set the device up with an email and a Skype account. The iPad is thought to be a better computing device for older people. Also the touch interface deals with the disconnect between associating physical actions and what happens on screen (think about mouse movements and cursor on screen).

The app store and the relatively ‘dumb’ nature of a tablet are handy security precautions for my parents.

I started to take my Dad through using the iPad, the experience changed my idea of what is intuitive and easy-to-use. My Dad isn’t a complete neophyte when it comes to touch screens as he has used stand alone sat nav devicess and retail kiosks before, but the process wasn’t nearly as smooth as I thought it would be and it caused me to re-analyse the process of how I had gotten everything to work.

The picture above is one of several quick scribbles my Dad did to try and capture using Skype and Mail.app for the iPad.

I hadn’t thought about it before but there were a number of clicks to make anything happen. The visual queues of fading or shading non functioning parts of the screen didn’t get picked by my Dad until I explained it.

In fact, the only bit that he found to be relatively straight forward was the keyboard which was apparently similar to the one on his TomTom device. Probably the most damning content on tablet design he made was he would sooner use Freeview’s EPG (electronic programme guide) than use the tvguide.co.uk iPad application.

Whilst I was at home, my parents took advantage of my computer literacy and decided to check out Irelandxo.com: which is a mix of Friends Reunited and a tourism site. Rural parishes manage their own communities and provide help to ex-pats looking to get back in touch with their roots. The local area where my Mum is from are organising a grant reunion for next summer.

They were leafing through the old photos of the parish where my Mum grew up on the site and there was old photo of a woman standing in front of a dresser (or glass case as my Dad sometimes calls it). Behind her were the usual collections of plates, tea pots and an alarm clock. My Mum was immediately able to put a rough date on the picture because of when people put the alarm clock in the glass case.

The use case for the alarm clock was as the central point of time keeping in the house. It was kept behind the glass as it was a reasonably expensive item and because farmers were relatively illiquid in terms of money. They could afford the clock and were generally better off than those in employment, but their resources were tied up in non-cash assets.  It would be periodically reset based on the time as broadcast on the radio.

I was curious as to why it was an alarm clock, given that my Mum initially said the alarm was never set, and if you wanted to see the time, you got up and looked at the clock. Essentially there were two time scenarios:

  1. Pretty much most days were everything was more governed by daylight and the weather. Linear time at the micro level of minutes didn’t matter that much. My uncle who lives on the family farm, still uses the sun and the shadows to give him an idea of time, only wearing his wristwatch when going out to town. Despite this general inaccuracy, children still seemed to get to school on time and the family would still get to the Sunday service
  2. Fair days. In market towns on certain days fairs would be held. If the farmer wanted to convert lifestock, eggs or other produce into money, they would have to get up early to ensure that they had a good pitch or had their animals ready for auction. Then an alarm clock would be used

All of this paints a very different relationship with time to what I have; where my work day is divided into 15 minute blocks which I have kept track of for the past 12 years using a PDA (personal digital assistant) or a smartphone; prior to that I used a Filofax.  Now I feel a bit anxious without a wristwatch or mobile phone to tell the time. However due to the nature of my work, the seasons matter much less beyond bank and public holidays.

On the road

Up in Merseyside taking care of business, things maybe slow here for the next few days.
That is if I can find my way back with Apple Maps….

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Five for Friday | 五日(星期五)

Probably the biggest thing for me this week was Apple’s iOS6 operating system for the iPhone. It has been a personal disaster for me. I was going to do a project down by Tower Bridge the morning after my phone had updated and the new Apple Maps couldn’t find Thomas More Square: despite the fact that a number of prominent UK businesses have their corporate headquarters there!

I tried out the panorama feature on the new version of the camera app; it isn’t intuitive to use and isn’t as good as existing free applications like DMD. I was surprised that software with that poor a user experience was allowed to ship.

I wait to see what iOS 6.1 brings.

Work has been crazy this week with a big healthcare campaign I have been working on for a while kicking off. We have advertising appearing in mothers-and-babies screenings of films at the Picture House chain of cinemas from Tuesday. We are supporting this with a YouTube channel, video advertising and a Facebook page. Because of the regulations related to the sector where my client operates I can’t link to the content or embed the video here (oh the irony).

The German government advised it’s citizens not to use Internet Explorer. From memory I think that they also did this a number of years ago. The more things change the more they stay the same.

Google has become progressively less useful to me as a digital marketers. The latest change was that Google Adplanner only now provides data on websites in the Google display advertising network. Which is a shame as had become a vital part of my tool kit.

On the plus-side proto-social network The WELL was saved from destruction when an investment vehicle and community members bought the site from Salon Media. The URL alone could have fetched a good deal of cash from health and wellness related businesses.  You can find me under the handle ged on The WELL.

The origin of the Vorsprung durch Technik tagline

I really like this interview with Sir John Hegarty by The Guardian on the famous Audi tagline Vorsprung durch Technik, it shows that vision trumps insight:

It is hard to overstate how important the tagline was at the time in redefining Audi as a brand. The ironic thing was that I never found out what it actually meant (roughly forward leap through technology) until I worked with a student on his gap year in the oil industry in the early 1990s.

This was before Google Translate would resolve immediate curiosity.

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I like: 7-Eleven Hong Kong video to promote ‘Old Hong Kong’ phone charms

7-Eleven convenience stores have a nice sideline in phone charms. This video is one of a series that they have put together to promote the Old Hong Kong series of phone charms.

The videos are on YouTube so may not be available to all readers.

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News media economics

According to Business Insider this is data from the US newspaper industry and the drop off in revenue for newspapers over the past decade described is shocking:

Source: businessinsider.com via Ged on Pinterest

The image is is via Pinterest, so may not be available to all readers.

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