I like: iida accessory range | 酷设计 – iida

Go into any mobile phone retailer in the UK and look at the sea of tat that passes itself off for products that have allegedly been designed as accessories that will improve your mobile phone experience. It doesn’t have to be this way, and I have proof that phone accessories can mean great product design. Step forward Japanese mobile phone carrier KDDI and their artfully designed iida range of products.
KDDI iida biscuitta charging accessory
My particular favourite is the Biscuitta charger accessory to help you organise your charger cable.
KDDI iida biscuitta charging accessory

Jargon watch: global immersion | 行话 – global immersion

Former government broadband czar and current Alcatel executive Stephen Carter defined global immersion as a world of always-on, always-connected high-speed broadband according to TotalTelecom as part of a presentation at the Broadband World Forum. Carter also predicted a massive change required in both fixed and mobile tariffs to pay for global immersion.

A decade of Linux and how it’s changing the technology sector | Linux的

Great presentation courtesy of the folks at PARC. Jim Zemlin – executive director, from The Linux Foundation presents on open development in a world where everything is connected. It covers the economics, technological changes and benefits of open source software over the past decade.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Dropbox CEO: Why search advertising failed us | VentureBeat – people search for what they know

ResourceBlog Article: “Japanese E-Book Industry To Create Common Format” – strong incentive for Amazon not to do this in the US and UK because it is so far ahead

Qualcomm CEO: We didn’t buy Android because we’d be too powerful | VentureBeat – the byzantine nature of the tech sector. Good reading to understand mobile

CHART OF THE DAY: The Growth Of HTML5 Video – the growth of HTML5 video is impressive, but is from a low base

Microsoft’s consumer brand is dying – CNN – dying is a bit harsh, challenged and struggling to stay relevant certainly

Twitter tool roots out disguised mass postings – New Scientist – Twitter spam needs to play smarter in order to slip through

Enable Outline Mode in OS X’s TextEdit

With Their Carrier-Crippling SIM, Can Apple Do What Google Chickened Out Of? – surely the benefit of this is streamlining Apple’s SKU count for SIMs and carrier flavouring of handsets at the last minute? It shouldn’t affect carriers existing business with Apple, but provide a direct sales channel?

Russia to create ‘Windows rival’ – Yahoo! News – will it be *nix derived?

How to Break Into a Windows PC (And Prevent it from Happening to You) – forgot your password, here’s some tips that can help

Rebirth of the music video | 音乐营销

In the early 1980s MTV shook up the music industry and you couldn’t have a hit without a blowout music video; Duran Duran built a career on them from Girls on Film to Wild Boys. If Kanye West’s Runaway stands out as a trumpet call for this video renaissance, then 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody takes it to the next level. I’d hate to think how much the Korean production company spent on this four-minute video. My favourite bit is their customised acid pink riot bus | water cannon at the 30-second mark.