I like: iida accessory range | 酷设计 – iida

Go into any mobile phone retailer in the UK and look at the sea of tat that passes itself off for products that have allegedly been designed as accessories that will improve your mobile phone experience. It doesn’t have to be this way, and I have proof that phone accessories can mean great product design. Step forward Japanese mobile phone carrier KDDI and their artfully designed iida range of products.
KDDI iida biscuitta charging accessory
My particular favourite is the Biscuitta charger accessory to help you organise your charger cable.
KDDI iida biscuitta charging accessory

Jargon watch: global immersion | 行话 – global immersion

Former government broadband czar and current Alcatel executive Stephen Carter defined global immersion as a world of always-on, always-connected high-speed broadband according to TotalTelecom as part of a presentation at the Broadband World Forum. Carter also predicted a massive change required in both fixed and mobile tariffs to pay for global immersion.

A decade of Linux and how it’s changing the technology sector | Linux的

Great presentation courtesy of the folks at PARC. Jim Zemlin – executive director, from The Linux Foundation presents on open development in a world where everything is connected. It covers the economics, technological changes and benefits of open source software over the past decade.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Dropbox CEO: Why search advertising failed us | VentureBeat – people search for what they know

ResourceBlog Article: “Japanese E-Book Industry To Create Common Format” – strong incentive for Amazon not to do this in the US and UK because it is so far ahead

Qualcomm CEO: We didn’t buy Android because we’d be too powerful | VentureBeat – the byzantine nature of the tech sector. Good reading to understand mobile

CHART OF THE DAY: The Growth Of HTML5 Video – the growth of HTML5 video is impressive, but is from a low base

Microsoft’s consumer brand is dying – CNN – dying is a bit harsh, challenged and struggling to stay relevant certainly

Twitter tool roots out disguised mass postings – New Scientist – Twitter spam needs to play smarter in order to slip through

Enable Outline Mode in OS X’s TextEdit

With Their Carrier-Crippling SIM, Can Apple Do What Google Chickened Out Of? – surely the benefit of this is streamlining Apple’s SKU count for SIMs and carrier flavouring of handsets at the last minute? It shouldn’t affect carriers existing business with Apple, but provide a direct sales channel?

Russia to create ‘Windows rival’ – Yahoo! News – will it be *nix derived?

How to Break Into a Windows PC (And Prevent it from Happening to You) – forgot your password, here’s some tips that can help

Rebirth of the music video | 音乐营销

In the early 1980s MTV shook up the music industry and you couldn’t have a hit without a blowout music video; Duran Duran built a career on them from Girls on Film to Wild Boys. If Kanye West’s Runaway stands out as a trumpet call for this video renaissance, then 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody takes it to the next level. I’d hate to think how much the Korean production company spent on this four-minute video. My favourite bit is their customised acid pink riot bus | water cannon at the 30-second mark.

Alexander Lebedev on the launch of the ‘i’ newspaper | 面试 – Alexander Lebedev ‘i’ 报纸推出

Alexander Lebedev made a video where he talks about the rationale for the launch of the ‘i’ newspaper in the UK earlier this week.

John Chambers of Cisco interviewed by Gartner | 面试 – John Chambers, Cisco

A couple of interesting things here:

  • Gartner’s format of six questions and 30-second answers keeps the videos interesting and cuts down (but doesn’t stop) spin and PR message delivery. Listen to Chambers name-drop agility but doesn’t delve into it like he would normally be able to do
  • Chambers de-emphasises the importance of technology in comparision to process design and implementation in a business, which is in sharp contrast to the way technology manufacturers usually approach these things

I also find Chambers’ sounds eerily like Woody Harrelson’s performance of Carter Page III in The Walker.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

9 Hong Kong tourist traps — for better or worse | CNNGo.com – the alternative suggestions are great

How the Lance Armstrong Foundation Became Livestrong | Fast Company – polarising reaction key to success

Why Microsoft’s Mall of America Store Will Fail | Cult of Mac – some good insights despite the bias

“Myspace” Reboot Heads In Right Direction, Finally – interesting strategy, time will tell

AppDelete for Mac OS X updated to version 3.1.4 | MacNews

Top 10 Social Network Monitoring Tools – Web Analytics World Blog

Parks Associates Blog: Worldwide broadband households to hit 530 million by year-end; residential gateways top 130 million households – gives you an idea of how important Digital Britain should be

SiliconANGLE — Blog — IBM Now Offers Mobile Metrics for iPhone, BlackBerry

X-RAY | MOBILE PHONE | iida – sucker for this, even if it does borrow from the original iMac ^_^

Former Google Employee: Flying Easier Than Using Sony Google TV Remote | WebProNews – UX issues

Vatican to rich countries: stop “excessive zeal” for IP rights – some interesting stuff here

Technology Review: A New Model for Predicting Social Media Impact – interesting stuff about modeling I knew people who did similar things around search traffic at Yahoo! so I think that there is a lot of value in it

Communities Dominate Brands: Apple Q3 Results, major milestones reached by iPhone… and Apple the Computer Maker too – interesting analysis by Tomi

PR Communications: Corporate Blogs In The Fortune 500 – handy list of blogging activity at major US corporations

Marketing, Piracy boarders on anarchy: Lions Gate | Market-interactive.com

Marketing, How Do You Fix Yahoo? | Market-interactive.com – key outtakes from various industry commentators: they need a strategy | focus, they need to be able to communicate that strategy as well as execute on it

Where do anti-abortion protesters get those grisly photos? – By Brian Palmer – Slate Magazine – Getty Images for the pro-life lobby

How hotels should respond to negative reviews on TripAdvisor. – By Farhad Manjoo – Slate Magazine – really nice piece on client’s understanding of social media

Graffiti of New York’s Past, Revived and Remade – NYTimes.com – thankfully it isn’t just theme-parking past glories a la San Francisco’s Haight Astbury area

Dawn of a New Day « Ray Ozzie – Ray Ozzie channeling 37Signals

Western Europe fails to deliver on fibre, but bright spots exist – we’re living in the broadband third world

ResourceBlog Article: “New Search Method Tracks Down Influential Ideas” – this looks very interesting indeed

ResourceBlog Article: Internet: Statistics: “The Incredible Growth of the Internet Since 2000” – ten years ago it was smaller than the registered user base of Facebook

selecting the right social media agency for your brand | blankanvas – some interesting thoughts from Pat Law

Stats don’t support hype: Digital music is ailing | Media Maverick – CNET News – interesting that the music industry is responsible for killing its own digital channels. Expect bank-like bailout demands down the line

Times Websites Traffic Down To 362,000 Monthly Visitors – ITProPortal.com – 88 per cent decline apparently, what would the numbers look like without the strategic paywall fails?

How to hack a URL shortener: geek chic or the social media equivalent of personalised car number plates? | Wadds’ PR Blog – Wadds on the internet equivalent of string-backed driving gloves

CPG firms ‘suffer from lack of innovation’ – Warc – interesting that the benefits delivered by CPGs in the past, are considered to more rightfully to belong to electronics now

Microsoft to charge royalty fees to prevent Acer, Asustek from using Android in netbooks, say Taiwan makers – skating very close to antitrust territory. Taiwanese interest in Android is because of the high cost of licensing Windows and the low margins of the business

Bookshelves of the future « Will McInnes – does digital create more consumer behaviour-related issues than it creates?

Tehran’s Unplugged Internet Plan – interesting that Iran is going down this route following North Korea. Similar schemes have been suggested in other countries

Facebook in Asia: Seeds of Decline? – loose wire blog – interesting stats but the problem maybe with the methodology

Mercury News interview: Sandeep Vij, CEO, MIPS Technologies – SiliconValley.com – interesting comments about customers switching from ARM to MIPS

I like: Project Club 21 exhibition catalogue | 平面设计 Project Club 21 展览目录

Project Club 21 is an exhibition that tries to answer what would the cliques that created some of the great art and culture look like in the 21st century. The organisers looked back at the scenes that revolved around art, music, cinema, performance and literature being created by the same people from the punk scene to New York in the early 1980s.

The item that really caught my eye was the event programme, which was a box. Every surface of the box was covered with print from the brochure, and a low-fi electronic sound box stuck in the bottom. The box became a microcosm of the exhibition in itself, rather than a rather dull but worthy coffee table book.

Oprah Time: Zero History by William Gibson | 书评 – Zero History by William Gibson

If you enjoyed William Gibson’s previous two works Pattern Recognition and Spook Country then you’ll like Zero History. Like the previous two books it dwells in the now, which is appropriate given Gibson’s oft quoted koan ‘The future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed’. I have written the review in terms of general themes so that I don’t put in any plot spoilers.

It brings many of the major protagonists from the previous books in the Pattern Recognition series back and ties the plot together quite neatly. There are two ways to look at Zero History, in terms of chronology it arrives at the end of a logical order of Pattern Recognition and Spook Country; but in terms of its themes Zero History sits between Pattern Recognition and Spook Country. Like Pattern Recognition it questions the nature of brands, design and art. It borrows elements of locative art from Spook Country and throws private military companies and the military industrial complex into the mix.

Marketing is portrayed as amoral, understanding the price of everything, yet having the value of nothing outside its grasp. The discussion of brands in Zero History is less about a well-designed logo and more about the brand authenticity – the way it matches the product – how much truth from it is designed into the product.

There is also a sense that the quality of manufactured goods is in decline and creatives are trying to recapture this quality by going vintage and re-manufacturing old products. This creative effort is then concealed from marketers who would despoil it. Gibson forces the reader to think about how they relate to the brands they like and the marketing that they see around them, he also uses the story to address the rise of the corporation as a military entity a la AEGIS, Xe or Halliburton.

I like: Daft Punk Derezzed video from Tron Legacy

Ok, so I can’t remember the real Tron and am more excited by Daft Punk doing the soundtrack than 80s nostalgia, but this is amazing:

Driving seat: Weibo microblogging service by Sina.com | 网站检讨 t.sina.com

China has its own unique ecosystem of web properties. It has a passionate blogging culture where some blogs by celebrities, experts and populist pundits can attract an audience of millions. Sina.com is a portal and blogging platform. They also have the most popular micro-blogging service. I thought I would have a poke around it and try to work out how it was to use despite my complete lack of ability to speak or read Chinese.  Here is my account details, feel free to friend me.

So what’s it like?

Whilst Weibo is similar to Twitter it is a much more fully-formed service. Signing up was pretty straight forward and Weibo tried to recommend 20 existing members that I should follow, my favorite being the feed for a branch of the Chinese police. They have a name which Google translates into English as ‘Starsky Guardian‘ – that alone is a cool enough reason to follow them.

I quickly managed to get the service to accept the RSS feed from this blog and convert it into alerts on the Weibo service. (In order to give a potential audience something to read, I have started carrying bilingual titles to my posts in pidgin Chinese courtesy of Google Translate. I try and boil the title down into a simple concept of two or three words and then hit the translate button). Something that I would have done on Twitter through a third-party service like ping.fm, dlvr.it or twitterfeed.

Weibo also has a built-in URI shortener, but it has no analytics for seeing how many people click on a link. So marketing campaigns on Weibo could be harder to measure than on Twitter. As far as I can tell Weibo gives you a lot less opportunity to alter the look-and-feel of your account to reflect your personal brand than the likes of Twitter.

Another absence that I noticed about Weibo was the lack of spam invites or follows from people wanting to sell me Viagra or fake watches. I suspect that Sina.com must carefully tend its community, partly to ensure government compliance, but a secondary benefit is fostering a better community online.

In conclusion I think that Weibo provides consumers with a superior experience to Twitter, but as a marketer Twitter offers more opportunity for brand communicators.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Ogilvy Group UK » Blog Archive » OgilvyOne launches “21st Century Guide to Selling” – interesting that it is less of a dirty word to marketers than it used to be

Firesheep In Wolves’ Clothing: Extension Lets You Hack Into Twitter, Facebook Accounts Easily

Parents sue QQ over son’s death – People’s Daily Online – what should internet services obligations be in protecting people from themselves? There have been similar cases on Facebook and forums as well

The Twitter Effect – interesting essay on the social aspects of Facebook v. Twitter

What is Amazon’s approach to product development and product management? – Quora – interesting that ‘PR’ goes right in at the beginning of a product

The Creepy Company Compiling a File on Your Online Activity—Using Your Real Name – why are people surprised by this?

Kanye West’s Epic Hip Hop Opera “Runaway” Debuts on Vevo [VIDEO] – interesting video from a marketing perspective. Hasn’t been restricted by industry (MTV) formats for time.

On Demand Video Encoding – cross-platform video encoding

Murdoch Wakes Up From Dream Of Leading News Industry’s Digital Aggregation | paidContent – progress on the paidnet strategy that News Corp. has been rolling out

Groklaw – Google et al respond to Paul Allen with Motions to Dismiss, Sever – patents so wide that Paul Allen could own the modern internet

@christineptran » Has f-commerce arrived? – Altimeter Group’s Christine Tran on Facebook commerce.

One in three iPad owners has never downloaded a single app – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech – and probably a similar amount have never bought a single app for their home computer. Nine out of ten people hate Red Bull – the point is a large amount of people whether its Red Bull or the iPad are consuming them and they are culturally significant

Lëkki, back to basics – really interesting idea; reinventing simpler appropriate technology

The Weekly Buzz: Tuangou (group purchase) popularity in China | CIC – group buying as popular in China as it has been in the west

All Politics Is Olfactory – NYTimes.com – interesting campaign tactic where a political candidate infused flyers with the smell of rubbish tapping into some interesting consumer psychology. Thankfully no one has got smell-a-vision right yet then

Say hello to the world of Canto soap in English | SCMP.com – digital allows a carrier signal for the English subtitles (registration wall)

Twitter’s Evan Williams on the nature of social networks | 互联网专家 – Evan Williams

Interesting that Evan Williams points out the biggest change in the future of the social networking will be cultural rather than technological.