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Dopplr death & more news

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The slow death of Dopplr | – on its own the death of Dopplr is not really news, the interesting timing  of this article by The Guardian put out this evisceration of Nokia’s web service ambitions. I’m not saying that Jemima Kiss got it wrong, but the timing was interesting: published last Friday – right on the eve of Nokia World. Dopplr is similar to other startups that have gotten lost after having been acquired. Dopplr allowed users to create itineraries of their travel plans and spot correlations with their contacts’ travel plans in order to arrange meetings at any point on their journey. It was known for the quality of its user experience design in comparison to other apps.


String of Holidays in China Bring Time Off, With Complications – – complex yes, but I can’t help feeling for the bureaucrats who came up with this who thought that they were doing the best they could for the people and now must be as popular as tax collectors


Inflation in China Is Rising at a Fast Pace – – the downside of continual double digit growth


MIT: We’ve Got Plenty of Uranium | Fast Company – nuclear power not the washout environment naysayers think


Deal Profile: Unilever to Buy Alberto-Culver for $3.7 Billion – WSJ – interesting move that strengthens Unilever by taking out a competitor. It does make me wonder about all the brands that Unilever sold a few years ago though


Japan Surrenders – The Atlantic – interesting though very American focused article on changes in Japanese society over the past three decades


Some of’s Health Advice Will Be From Advertisers – – this was where I thought Hunch and Yahoo! Answers could have done more. Ideal opportunity for branded content as trusted brands are experts in some areas and expertise could help imbue trust in a new brand


Jason Calacanis: Revenge is a new editorial project to rival TechCrunch | – interesting that he is going down an email newsletter route. It potentially cuts social sharing a la Twitter and Facebook as well as social bookmarking off at the knees

The real cost of free | – Cory Doctorow in praise of free and dealing with ill-informed critics


Yahoo: Is Carol Bartz in the process of being replaced? – Quora – insightful answer. Possibly yes as part of a process to take Yahoo! private. The critique of Bartz is telling:

Alibaba and Yahoo quagmire: a battle of the wills | – the FT is very slow to this story. I suspect that this isn’t only about corporate wills, but also about Ma pleasing the Chinese government as well and if he manages to get even richer by doing so: win-win

Combing Your Friends’ Tastes, Not the Whole Web’s – – social search market analysis


N900 plug-in for OSX iSync – makes Nokia N900 into a a viable option


China Catching India As Asia’s Service Provider? – WSJ – China’s technology service industry catching up with India

Web of no web

DOCOMO and University of Tokyo to Conduct Joint Research for Urban Planning Based on Mobile Spatial Statistics | Press Center | NTT DOCOMO Global – really interesting work here, kind of reminds me of The Dark Knight were Batman maps out the building in Hong Kong using mobile phone signals and captures mafia money man Lau


Nokia’s problem – QuirksBlog – interesting thoughts on Nokia from a software developer