Barbarians in the valley

Over the space of one life time the below San Francisco around the Santa Clara valley went from apricot farms and orchards to urban development based around hardware (the silicon in silicon valley) and then on to campus design sites preferred by software companies. At the time of the PC revolution was kicking in, which […]

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America looks to 2024 – research

Consumers in general aren’t the greatest predictors of the future but this research by pollsters PSB makes for interesting reading. An America that sees itself declining in economic and infrastructure terms over the next ten years, but sees the country taking a more progressive stance on moral issues. The country poses opportunities for lobbyists with […]

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George Packer on The Unwinding

The Unwinding describes the shifting fortunes of the post-war middle classes in the US, which mirrors the decline of the middle classes throughout the western world. One tends to forget that whilst the middle classes are considered to be a measure of the health of a country, it has always been unstable and in the […]

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China’s economic analysis

The Wall Street Journal’s Andy Brown on China’s economy. It is an interesting interview. As to the main question about whether China’s economy is about to stall or not, have a read around and make up your own mind. The video is the Wall Street Journal’s own player so not sure if all readers will […]

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