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Good To Great by Jim Collins

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Jim Collins Jim Collins, the author of Good To Great has been researching and writing about what makes companies successful since 1988, though there are points made about this and the similarity of the work done by Tom Peters at McKinsey. Peters eventually turned the outputs of that research into the book In Search of […]

Google Maps + more stuff

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Google Maps The Wall Street Journal explores the history and technology behind Google Maps. The mapping equipment decrease in size over time is particularly interesting to see. The origin of Google Maps starts with a PC app developed the Rasmussen brothers. Jens went on to help found Apple’s map application as well. What quickly becomes […]

Korean Drama Trade + Zurich

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I have had my head in PowerPoint presentations and market research reports so haven’t paid much attention this week until I read in this weekend’s FT about the Korean drama trade. The premise of the Korean drama trade is a paradox, that while Netflix as a business isn’t doing well with investors and has experienced […]