SailfishOS lives + more

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SailfishOS Lives To Fight Android Another Day As Jolla Secures Series C Funding | TechCrunch – good news from Jolla and SailfishOS. I hope that they manage to move from strength-to-strength. I love the experience of SailfishOS, it shows the opportunity that was lost with Nokia’s pivot to Windows Phone under Stephen Elop. If you haven’t tried SailfishOS, try and give it a go. More posts related to Jolla here.

Quick-service restaurants like Taco Bell are using mobile commerce apps to drive higher order values and boost sales – in the same way that credit and store cards did before them

Gadgets from ‘Japan’s Xiaomi’ now available in Singapore – Tech in Asia – more than a dozen original consumer electronics products – season colour themes by UPQ

Juniper hacked: Unauthorized code found in ScreenOS – The Register surmises that it’s either due to an internal error that left rejected code in the production release of ScreenOS, or, more likely, due to parties unknown surreptitiously inserting the code so they can spy on Juniper’s customers

BlackBerry CEO blasts Apple for focusing on user privacy, data protection | ExtremeTech – no it doesn’t make sense to me either

Tech and Banking Giants Ditch Bitcoin for Their Own Blockchain | WIRED – I wonder what kind of buzz kill this does on fintech hype, negating the need for yet another blockchain company

EU adopts new plane tracking rules, to prevent repeat of MH370 – Japan Times – I can see enhanced supply chain information being built on top of this if they can balance with aircraft security

Pressure Scale – great iPhone hack

Slack has raised so much money it’s now investing in other startups – Quartz – which gives me two strands of thought. Do these investments build a bigger business eco-system for Slack or is this a hybrid VC with a tech company attached model?