Fat Boy Slim’s new year’s mix

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I like Rachel Botman on collaborative consumption | 想法

Interesting presentation on our willingness to share and the concept of collaborative consumption.

Kevin Kelly on the progression of technology | 笔者交谈

Wired founder Kevin Kelly has written a new book What Technology Wants, which funnily enough on my reading list. I am still in two minds whether Kelly sounds like a burnt out hippy with neurons fried by too many psychotropic substances, or an academic trying to make sense of technological development.

I like: Nokia 5110 | 产品设计

Sometimes you come across a design touch that gives a real idea of the people who made the product and makes the product even more valuable in your estimation. I never owned a Nokia 5110 because at the time I rocked Ericsson in the late 1990s; but occasionally I used one of the office pool […]

Sean Combs on social skills

Nice humourous video for Cîroc vodka by Sean Combs. He is smart enough to use his own persona as a foil. Kudos to Lulu Chang posting at WWYMD By the time is published I should be landing in Hong Kong and will then cross the border to Shenzhen. Looking to catch up with interesting people […]