Deposit Files + more things

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Deposit Files – could be useful. Deposit Files is a WeTransfer competitor with much more flexibility. The premium version allows you to upload files of 10GB in size. So ideal for large video projects.

Top 15 websites in Russia (Digital Knowledge Centre – Digital Intelligence)

Shrib: A Simple Online Scratch Pad: Business Collaboration News « – interesting idea, potentially open to abuse though

For social search, similarity could trump friendship – O’Reilly Radar – common interests rather than commonality

How Facebook Connect Freaks Me Out – great points on Facebook by Danny Sullivan. More on Facebook here.

IABUK : Steps to success – for mobile marketing

Tablets Are Already Crushing Growth In The PC Market

Windows Phone 7 Sales Eclipsed by Android – and Symbian – interesting anecdote, however WP7 was as much about getting Microsoft back in the game at all. A more worthy comparison would be WebOS

In the smartphone market, Apple users remain the most loyal

Simfy, the German Spotify, tunes into 16m-strong student network – smart move by StudiVZ

How To Turn Google Translate Into Google Beatbox – absolutely brilliant

Microsoft Sees Revenue Opportunity in Phone Patents | AllThingsD – interesting that they are even mentioning plan B

Public Relationships: Social Media Consultant – Is there a market for this profession? – interesting take on things by Jeremy Woolf

FMCG goods ‘recession-resistant’, says Unilever Asia president – Brand Republic News – developed world not likely to recover ‘any time soon’

Does your Facebook campaign break the rules? | Econsultancy – lots of marketing campaigns breaking the rules, worthwhile monitoring competitors and grassing them up

Morgan Stanley’s Legendary Tech Analyst Mary Meeker Moving To Kleiner Perkins – interesting move. Meeker maybe about Kleiner Perkins accessing large financial institutions pockets and relationships for M&A?

Apple Lawyers Up for Patent Showdowns With Nokia, Motorola, HTC – BusinessWeek – legal battles in mobile escalates

I, Cringely » Blog Archive » The Decline and Fall of E-Mail – more like decline in prominence but otherwise good stuff here

Chanos vs. China – Fortune Finance – interesting opinion piece for and against the Chinese property market

Poking, Tagging and Now Landing an M.B.A. – – really surprised by the low completion rate quoted for online courses

Why are men’s magazines being left on the shelf? – Press, Media – The Independent – interesting article. I buy magazines and media: just not men’s magazines. Esquire used to have great reportage but has gone off the boil. My current print diet is Wired US edition, Monocle (for the great reportage) and the occasional issue of an i-D, Vice, an audio engineering or DJ magazine

CitizenMap | South China Morning Post – really interesting project to visually show news and readership feedback

Reeder – interesting RSS client for iPhone and iPad (Mac coming soon) that syncs with Google Reader. It is also worthwhile looking at Newsblur