8 services you should be using | 8 互联网服务

When I was working on the What’s Next presentation and series of blog posts, I put a list of services that people should try, in the unlikely event that they hadn’t already: Questions Quora – clean smart question-and-answer service that manages to intelligently connect your questions and your social graph. It’s focused and pleasingly minimal […]

I like: Fedex & Ketchum benchmarking study on social media | 网上调查研究

FedEx and Ketchum did some interesting research in the US about current practices around social media and the video clip below highlights some of the findings. A downloadable PDF was available.

I like: Underworld – Always Loved A Film | 音乐 Underworld – Always Loved A Film

If you are used to Underworld’s earlier work pummeling your senses via a giant sound system like I am then this track will hopefully come as a pleasant surprise. It is a delightful piece of of downbeat electronica that would be right at home in a café in Ibiza.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

The hidden cost of facebook’s messaging system- The Inquirer Asiajin » Hit List: Japan’s Top 20 Products In 2010 (And 2011) – interesting how environment | energy saving products will be most popular next year Patentwiki – An Idea Incubator – really interesting ide, I wonder whether it would be hit by prior art legal […]

Revisiting Delicious

Five years ago I worked on the launch of Yahoo! MyWeb, which was a social bookmarking service (it was moved into Yahoo! Bookmarks a a couple of years ago). MyWeb failed to go mainstream partly because it was a difficult concept for consumers to get their head around, God knows we tried. By contrast, Delicious […]