Apple – UK iPad page FAIL

Apple (United Kingdom) – iPad page FAIL, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I noticed this on the Apple UK site. I guess this is what happens when you have a tightly held global campaign going up against local needs. In case you can’t read the image it says: iPad A magic and revolutionary product at an […]

Public relations: the problem and the time-bomb

At the moment half the posts on seem to be either fee related or whether PR should be done on a payment by results basis. The general sentiment seems to be that PR people responding view the profession as strategic and the entrepreneurs view it as a ‘low cost’ tactic to drive sales or […]

Links of the day

Google and antitrust: Searching questions | The Economist Cellphone Applications Let Shoppers Point, Click and Buy – The Wired Repo Man – He’s Not ‘As Seen on TV’ – From Quantic Dream, a Child Killer and a Tormented Dad – – interesting new direction in gaming. In some ways it reminds me […]

The trouble with Palm

First of all some disclosure: I worked on the Palm PR account some ten years ago now and got to work with some of the smartest people in mobile device technology, notably the company’s chief competitive officer Michael Mace as an occasional media spokesperson back when his pictures had him with a Magnum PI-style moustache. […]

Enron – the play

I walked down to Robert Dyas on St Martin’s Lane and found out that the story of a former client, Enron, had been turned into a West End play. I felt conflicted about the whole thing. I had helped launch the Enron Broadband business in Europe including the ‘Enron Intelligent Network’ and a video-on-demand deal […]