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Yo! Homes

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The founder of Yo! Sushi has showcased a way of using space more efficiently that looks like it, like sushi is borrowed from the east.

It reminded me a lot of Gary Chang’s adaptive apartment from a few years ago. Chang was working with 327 square feet rather than the 800 square feet space mentioned in the Yo! Home video. Check it out:

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

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Price comparison: How much groceries cost in Hong Kong, Beijing and London | South China Morning Post

PRWeb Statement on Fraudulent ICOA Press Release – Blogging PRWeb – a tough place for PRWeb to be I feel for them

Yahoo’s Ad Sell-Through Rate on its Log-in Page Has Plummeted | Advertising Age

MUJI LIFE CHECK IN for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – great example of the web of no web using a locative gaming mechanism used to drive bricks and mortar retail

Ericsson’s massive mobile report: 6.4B global cellular plans, 75% of all new phones in Asia and Africa | VentureBeat

Audio and Video Streaming in focus – Exclusive Nielsen white paper

Black Friday Saw Online Retail Traffic Jump 60% Year-Over-Year | WebProNews

Why ‘slow light’ might just save the Internet • The Register

Hong Kong’s vanishing mojo | South China Morning Post – rise of China changes perception of where Hong Kong stands in things

TVB shelves HK$50m plan for international channel | South China Morning Post

Skills Don’t Pay the Bills – – gap in expectations, in a social contract Customer Reviews: The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set – digital record labels trying to make premium analogue money need to manage the quality control much better

Just bought an Apple product? Need support NOW? Drop an F-BOMB • The Register – deep learning or machine intelligence depending what label you like at work

Nokia’s imaging chief makes surprise exit • The Register

Schneier on Security: E-Mail Security in the Wake of Petraeus – interesting debate which boils back down to don’t write anything you wouldn’t anyone else see if it was made public

Agencies, media & digital companies: Your sales pitch sucks, Advertising – interesting common-sense perspective from a marketer at Dell

The Conservative Turn Against Science – The Chronicle Review

Dotcom: We’ve hit the jackpot – National – NZ Herald News – more legal twists and turns

Facebook makes it official — an external advertising network is coming soon — GigaOM – if this is just an ad network it could make for interesting behavioural advertising and potentially dial up relevance. If it is part of their search offering then things really take off

TECHNOLOGY REPORT » Blue Brain Project Update

Scientists See Advances in Deep Learning, a Part of Artificial Intelligence – – artificial intelligence gets another 15 minutes of fame

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@tomiahonen on augmented reality

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Interesting take on augmented reality and how it fits in the media spectrum. Ahonen’s assumption that mobile internet and internet are different goes against the development movement towards responsive site design and mobile-first web development.

Some interesting examples of augmented reality usage. I suspect that there two big challenges:

  • Advertising creative that isn’t sufficiently entertaining or useful
  • Battery life of the smartphone

Ahonen’s take on waves of media:

  1. Print
  2. Recordings
  3. Cinema
  4. Radio
  5. Television
  6. Internet
  7. Mobile
  8. Augmented reality – which is more of a mash-up of the other data overlaid on our world with probably some locative data thrown in for additional context