I like: Sony PCM-D1 digital recorder

Reading Time: < 1 minute The problem with Sony is that the equipment worthwhile happening is aimed at professional audiences and quite hard to get hold of. Their consumer-orientated products generally feel cheap: whilst the electronics and components are top notch, case materials and mechanical engineering usually feel shoddy in comparison to the likes of Denon, Pioneer or TEAC. The… Continue reading I like: Sony PCM-D1 digital recorder

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Oh Yeah? Prove It. | Altitude Branding | Brand Elevation through Social Media MacHeist » Bundle Is Microsoft Set to Abandon its Top-Down Zune Approach? Welcome To Your Social Economy | Digital China Guide Macne Nana – for a anime version of the girly T-Pain sound Otto Wooden Fan : Swizz Style – Designer Products… Continue reading Links of the day

Oystercard culturejammed

Reading Time: < 1 minute Oystercard culturejammed, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. I noticed this sticker just off Oxford Street on the way home this evening. The Oystercard design familiar to every Londoner has been modified into a protest against surveillance by ‘The Man’. The Oystercard system keeps a record of journeys providing an electronic track, at least in theory.