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Skank blog

MediaPost Publications Tearful Model Claims ‘Skank’ Blog Damaged Her Reputation – with a skank blog the online world extends bullying into the adult world from the school yard. With concepts like the skank blog will come leaking of sexually intimate material as a media platform. Think sex tapes, but for ‘average people’. The skank blog phenomenon poses its biggest problems in markets like the US were the legal remedies are few and far between.


Hello Kitty & MAC (Make up) Collaboration « Perspectives – I guess is a logical progression after Rupaul and Dame Edna and completely subverts the idea of celebrity endorsement. More related content here.


Harley-Davidson, you’re not getting any younger – International Herald Tribune – their market is literally dying off, a serious brand reposition is required

P&G’s Lafley Sees CEOs as Links to Outside World – – The CEO has a very specific job that only he or she can do: Link the external world with the internal organization.

Consumer behaviour

Micro Persuasion: Social Networking Demographics: Boomers Jump In, Gen Y Plateaus – the kids dig real life

Six Ways with Social Media by Bunny Ellerin – Interbrand Healthcare – Over 150 apps on Apple App Store aimed at clinicians, half of US physicians have a smartphone or PDA of some sort


Make a Lighter, Stronger Plastic Bottle

Hong Kong – Sevva – Hong Kong – this looks amazing

How to

50 Free Press Release Submission Websites – thanks to Rax for the heads up on this Get your friends and family notified you landed fine

twendz : Exploring Twitter Conversations and Sentiment

Google Ads Preferences – the privacy / ad tailoring screen


Trends in Japan – CScout Japan Blog » Fashionable Beverages: TGC Milk Tea & Lawson

Event: Light-Light and Sakura Story in Tokyo – – Reason number 19,995 why I want to live in Tokyo.

CURIOSITY.JP – cool graphic design and experiential designers


Rivals Accuse I.B.M. of Stifling Competition to Mainframes – – the interesting thing about this court case is how some of IBM’s rivals in software are trying to change the mainframe market from a vertical to horizontal marketplace. I don’t think its really about antitrust, and IBM maybe a precursor to break other vertically integrated companies like Apple.

Microsoft Hit With New Patent Lawsuit: Windows Update – will PointCast be cited as prior art?


BLiNQ Report Debunks Facebook App Myths – tells us what we already know, there is only a small amount of jackasses who actually will use your new super-duper poke application

The DON’Ts Of Advertising Agencies: The Chief Marketing Officer’s Edition – AgencySpy


News And Events – Microsoft Advertising

Official Google Blog: Making ads more interesting

Pro-Christian ads draw 1,300 complaints from the public – Brand Republic – interesting level of reaction. Is it secular fundamentalism?

Twitter is a 5-tool player — how it should get paid

Media Cloud Leverages Calais to Track News Trends – ReadWriteWeb

When it Comes to Search, Yahoo is Big in Japan


Micro Persuasion: Twitter Search Traffic Poised to Eclipse Google Blog Search

The 50 Publishers That Blogs Link To Most

Youth Marketing Statistics: Online Video Viewer Demographics


The Untold Story of the World’s Biggest Diamond Heist


Microsoft to kill off Internet Explorer – The Inquirer


Service Cloud. Join the Conversation –

IT Conversations | Syndicate | Larry Weber (Free Podcast) – from four years ago, but really nice pod cast.


Jonathan Schwartz’s Blog: Sun’s Network Innovations (3 of 4)


iPhone Makes Up 50 Percent of Smartphone Web Traffic In U.S., Android Already 5 Percent

Dell and Palm face tough reality of smartphone business – Rethink Wireless