Jargon watch: qCPM

Reading Time: < 1 minute qCPM is emblematic of the state of online advertising. qCPM stands for quality cost per mille. It is used interchangeably with vCPM – valuable cost per mille. The implication being that normal advertising impressions are tainted. Tainted by advertising fraud, click bots, bad neighbourhoods and faulty data. What other industry would sell its seconds products … Read moreJargon watch: qCPM

Jargon watch: ICE-ing

Reading Time: 2 minutes ICE-ing – a method of protest using vehicles with internal combustible engines. Sometimes writing posts are a matter of serendipity. I was out walking in Stepney Green and came across a series of electric vehicle charging points. I hadn’t paid any attention to them before. Right about the time that I noticed them; I saw … Read moreJargon watch: ICE-ing

Most popular blog posts of 2018

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s that time of year again when I reflect on the things that I’ve done and what I can learn from the year. I wanted to get this out there whilst I still have a bit of respite from the holiday cheer.  In reverse order Reuse, re-edit and remix – the quality and impact of … Read moreMost popular blog posts of 2018

Jargon Watch: Kickstarter

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’re reading this blog, you will have heard of the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Kickstarter has become synonymous with crowdfunding and has become a verb. I’ve personally subscribed to projects with very mixed results. My most recent experiences have been one of disappointment to the point that I no longer use it. It was interesting … Read moreJargon Watch: Kickstarter

Jargon watch: deep design

Reading Time: < 1 minute The key underlying belief to deep design is that modern life systems and processes aren’t designed for humans. From industrial design, to administrative processes and algorithms – all could be categorised as ‘inhumane’. If you’ve ever dealt with work visa forms in a foreign country you’ll know what I mean. Human-centred design was supposed to … Read moreJargon watch: deep design