Jargon watch: lights out production lines

If you are of a certain age, ‘hand made by robots’ brings to mind the Fiat Strada / Ritmo a thirtysomething year old hatchback design that was built in a factory with a high degree of automation for the time.

Fiat subsidiary Comau created Robogate, a highly automated system that speeds up body assembly. Robogate was eventually replaced in 2000. The reality is that ‘hand made by robots’ had a liberal amount of creative licence. Also it didn’t enable Fiat to shake off its rust bucket image. Beneath the skin, the car was essentially a Fiat 127. Car factories still aren’t fully automated.

Foxconn is looking to automate its own production lines and create products that truly are ‘hand-built by robots’. Like Fiat it has its own robots firm which is manufacturing 10,000 robots per year.

Foxconn has so far focused on production lines for larger product final assembly (like televisions) and workflow on automated machine lines: many consumer products use CNC (computer numeric control) machines. That’s how Apple iPhone and Macs chassis’ are made. These totally automated lines are called ‘lights out production lines’ by Foxconn.

Foxconn is looking to automate production because China is undergoing a labour shortfall as the population getting older. Foxconn uses a lot of manual workers for final assembly of devices Apple’s iPhone because the components are tightly packed together. It will be a while before Foxconn manages to automate this as robotic motor control isn’t fine enough to achieve this yet.

More information
Foxconn boosting automated production in China | DigiTimes – (paywall)

Jargon Watch: context collapse

Years ago I wrote a series of posts with the link-baiting titles of ‘Facebook is a dead man walking’; the first post written in 2008. I say this so you can form an opinion up  front about my interpretation  around the idea of context collapse.
Facebook page
According to The Information, Facebook is worried about a drop in users sharing their own content.

As of mid-2015, total sharing had declined by about 5.5% year over year while “original broadcast sharing” was down 21% year over year, the confidential data show.

This loss is especially acute with under 30 year old users. This loss in sharing according to Bloomberg company staff have branded context collapse.

What are the likely causes? Here my are my hypotheses.

Negative network effects. Just five years ago ZDNet published research were respondents admitted that they were drunk in 75 per cent of their photos on Facebook. In 2016, when ‘friends’ means colleagues, superiors, clients, teachers or parents there will be a lot more self-censorship going on.  A more subtle form of self censorship will be also brought about in terms of societal norming.

When Facebook initially arrived the volume of content that people shared was larger, now it isn’t only the nature of the content that people will consider but the volume of the content. Are they too noisy, do they overshare?

Facebook lost a lot of trust with consumers with things likes Beacon. Consumers didn’t necessarily understand the nuances, they were told that it wasn’t good and their privacy settings are a major hassle to tweak – when you’re on edge about privacy, you are more likely to put a filter on your content.

Just over five years ago, Netbase had released brand research that showed consumers had a stronger, negative feeling towards Facebook than brands like Microsoft, Google or Twitter. That left room for other services to creep in for self-expression, messaging and sharing to small groups. Facebook bought some of the major players Instagram and WhatsApp, but doesn’t own all the pieces.

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Jargon watch: McRefugees

McDonalds Restaurants in Hong Kong is famous to Economist readers for consistently providing the best value in the publication’s ‘tongue-in-cheek’ ‘Big Mac Index’ McDonalds Chinese sign

The restaurants are ubiquitous, offering cheap consistent food. And many of them remain open 24 hours a day, which contributes to Hong Kong’s ‘up all night’ lifestyle alongside the ubiquitous convenience stores. They are a neighbourhood haven to office workers, students and those on shifts. Their relative low costs mean that they prove attractive to homeless people. McSleepers and McRefugees were the interchangeable labels given to the homeless people sleeping in McDonalds to escape the oppressive heat of summer or the cold around lunar new year. It became a thing in the media last year when a woman lay dead in a restaurant for 24 hours before being discovered. The tragedy masks the unintentional social role McDonalds is playing for the poorest in Hong Kong society.

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Save our McRefugees: Woman’s lonely unnoticed death in Hong Kong McDonald’s highlights need to help homeless | SCMP

Hong’s Kong’s lack of affordable housing fuels ‘McSleeper’ trend, where the homeless sleep at McDonald’s | SCMP Homeless woman found dead at Hong Kong McDonald’s 24 hours after she sat down as unaware customers ate | SCMP

‘McRefugee’ reunites with son in Singapore through media report on Hong Kong’s McDonald’s sleepers | SCMP

The lonely life of the McSleepers, the poor who call McDonald’s home | SCMP

Jargon watch: yiminjian

One of the most popular articles on the South China Morning Post website this year was about the phenomenon of yiminjian or ‘immigration jail’.

That anyone should immigrate to Canada while regarding living there as a burdensome task to be endured or avoided might sound weird, but the concept is so common among some Chinese immigrant circles that there is a word for it: yiminjian, or “immigration jail”. The term refers to the period of compulsory Canadian residency (now, four years out of the previous six) which one must suffer before applying for citizenship. Think of a Canadian passport as the get-out-of-jail card.

It needs to be emphasised that this mindset does not apply to all Chinese immigrants – only that subset for whom greater opportunities exist back in China (and only a subset of those).

The problem that confronts these migrants is that Canada promises safety from the pace of change that has swept across China since the start of the cultural revolution to the rise of Mr Xi’s ‘tigers & flies’ programme. But China offers an opportunity to make out like a proverbial bandit and accumulate fantastic amounts of wealth.

More information
Immigration mega-fraud: The rich Chinese immigrants to Canada who don’t really want to live there | South China Morning Post  – paywall

Jargon watch: breakfastarians

Marketers have a unique knack of mangling the English language to put labels on market segments.
The festive pie obsession continues
Breakfastarian seems to be a self description rather than a market segment on this occasion. It’s people who like breakfast for dinner. Apparently, this is a segment of the population who appeals to McDonalds who is suffering from stagnating sales.

More information
McDonald’s Is Now the Top Choice for ‘Breakfastarians’ | TIME

Jargon watch: seabasing

In a tale of fact imitating fiction the US Navy is looking at ways to support the military in future conflicts by creating bases which allow ships to act as a combined space, which they call sea basing (or sea basing). The reason for this is in battles with the likes of China they may not have the luxury of a nearby land base like they have had in the Middle East, so they need to provide a flexible platform that will perform a similar function including floating docks and logistics.

Being out at sea and operating in this way helps put the force out of range of enemy weapons as well, or what the US Marines describe as exploit the sea’s maneuver space.

This includes ramps and sensors that would allow service men and equipment to exchanged from ship-to-ship with as much ease as moving around a base on land. Presumably this would have some sort of affect in terms of increasing the data network connections between ships to help them function better and more cohesively.
The idea of seabasing echoes the carrier and lashed together boats of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash – a classic work of cyberpunk fiction written in 1994. In the story, refugees have attached themselves to a privatised aircraft carrier owned by a media company that is heading to the US .

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Jargon watch: smartphone zombie

Digital engagement

Hong Kong was the first place that I had every been where on the mass transit system specifically warns you to not look over intently at your phone and pay sufficient attention to riding the escalator.

Over 80 per cent of Hongkongers between the ages of 15 and 34 own a smartphone; so South China Morning Post‘s article about the perils of smartphone zombies roaming around seemed appropriate.

A smartphone zombie is someone cocooned in their own world of mobile social updates, email or games who  is distracted in walking or travelling on public transport.

The Cantonese for the phenomenon is dai tau juk or ‘head down tribe’.  It would be wrong to portray this as a purely a Hong Kong phenomena, with articles covering it in China, the US and Japan over the past year alone.

The US talked about it in terms of an addiction, whereas coverage of China, Japan and Hong Kong looked at it as being broadly anti-social behaviour.

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Jargon watch: generation n

I don’t know if this is a ‘thing’, generation n used to be shorthand for digital natives. However that concept lost currency as it become apparent that having technology all around you doesn’t necessarily make you digitally literate.
marketing to millennials
Peter Hinssen postulates that the ‘n’ actually means network native, it is as much about Dale Carnegie as it is about digital skills. Adhocracies and collaboration that comes together for a purpose and then moves on – closer to the team structures used in exam coursework.

It isn’t so much about age, but about behaviours gen-x could bleed into millennial in this particular segmentation.

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Jargon watch: HENRYS

A new label for what would be considered millennial yuppies.

High Earning, Not Rich Yet

Via Goldman Sachs and Quartz

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Here is your dumb new acronym for moneyed millennials: HENRYs | Quartz

Jargon watch: Chinadroid

The modern mobile eco-system was built in the factories of China, in particular Shenzhen.
Downtown Shenzhen
Chinadroids: These are phones that use the Android Operating System but have not gone through official channels for compatibility (CTS) or do not have a Google Mobile Services (GMS) license.

A couple of scenarios are playing out to drive Chinadroids:

  • Virtually no Android handset in China has access to Google services including the app store. Baidu estimates that are over 386 million active Android handsets in China, using different app stores and web services.  Some of these have a very different look-and-feel like Cyanogen or MIUI – Xiaomi’s flavour of Android
  • A second scenario is where smaller manufacturers don’t get Google to play ball and get them onboard with a GMS licence for those handsets that they do sell outside China. Google historically hasn’t bothered to scale to address the international aspirations of these tier two and tier three handset makers. Their product is probably being used across the developing world, from the Nigerian merchants with their suitcases of phones flown from Hong Kong to the virgin mobile markets of Burma or Laos. The big challenge with these secondary players is that they are market makers and not having them registered means that Google doesn’t get the full benefit of being able to onboard these people on to the internet and hooked into the Google eco-system

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Jargon watch: nearable

Back in the day shops and businesses where digitised using RFID tags that covered everything from lose prevention in shops and libraries (shop lifting to you and I) to providing payment systems like the Octopus and Oystercard. RFID tags were passive devices with a small amount of information on them; electromagnetic waves from a reader ‘powered’ them allowing the data to be read.
My Oyster card for LDN & my Octopus card for HKG
Estimote’s product takes the RFID tag and asks what could be done if the tag became active, self-powered. It is compliant with Apple’s iBeacon standard using low-powered Bluetooth radio transmissions to interact with a smartphone. Estimate defines the nearable as:

… a smart, connected object that broadcasts data about its location, motion and temperature.

The information that it can provide can be dynamic, based on simple sensors included in the electronics package. At the moment nearable stickers cost some $33/unit and a default battery life for three years.

More information
Nearables are here, introducing Estimote stickers | Estimote Blog

Jargon watch: Makimoto’s wave

Dr Tsugio Makimoto is a technologist who has worked at Sony and Hitachi. He co-authored Digital Nomad with David Manners which was published in 1997 and seems to have been influential to executives in the semiconductor industry. The wave named after Dr Makimoto is a twenty-year cycle between custom design components and general components.

Like Moore’s Law it is used as a heuristic to try and understand what is happening within the industry. Dr Makimoto discusses it in this video below.  At the moment we are in the custom part of the cycle with the kind of silicon being created for smartphones like Apple’s and Samsung’s respective chips and we are due to see a swing to general purpose components from 2017 or so.

Jargon watch: poor door

In New York with planning requirements forcing developers to build some affordable housing alongside their luxury developments, a separate entrance has been added which keeps lower income tenants away from the amenities that the full fee-paying tenants enjoy. This divide has spurred debate in the US. When I lived on a development in Hong Kong, I didn’t pay for access to the swimming pool and didn’t expect it, so I can’t understand the issue; but it has been tied to wider concerns about income inequality.

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New York City Approves ‘Poor Door’ for Luxury Apartment Building | Newsweek
Fancy Upper West Side Building Will Have a Separate Door for Poor People | Daily Intelligencer

Jargon watch: app constellation

Fred Wilson talked about the concept of app constellations that he distilled down to:

mobile apps that share a single login and have app to app linking built in

He also added the proviso that ignored gaming apps, which generally purely use integration for identity and payment.

As Wilson points out this level of integration is interesting as one could find a complete suite of apps from the one company and rarely leave that eco-system.  This is partly been driven by context:

Putting a lot of features in a mobile application inevitably means burying them resulting in lots of clicks to get at something that you want. So on the design level it is very reminiscent of the design focus that drove the first generation of focused lean web 2.0 applications – though on a philosophical level they are world’s apart since app constellations are about creating a walled garden rather than open transportable data sets (within a walled garden of the mobile operating system).

The idea isn’t necessarily one that’s new. If one looks at someone like Google, this is the very rationale why they built Android – so that there were no blockages to providing it’s services.  Microsoft exercised control over the majority of desktop users and could make Google’s life difficult, especially through Internet Explorer, by comparison smartphones were a relatively open space to grow in.

I have attempted to compile a list of some of the the major app constellations. This has taken more time than I would like as I have had to hand code the tables below in order to get the HTML to work properly. Thankfully not having games in the definition of an app constellation made the work a little easier. For instance, Kakao Corp. is responsible for 9 out of the 10 best-selling mobile games in Korea at the moment and keeps churning out new games on a regular basis.

Secondly some of the companies here have more than one app constellation cluster, Tencent’s broadly break down into two clusters; those dominated by QQ and those dominated by WeChat, however there is also a connection between QQ and WeChat. This maybe partly down to the different development centres in China that they both come out of.

Microsoft and Google both have consumer, enterprise user and enterprise administrator app constellation clusters.

Daum is a Korean Internet company famous for its mobile search, news portal and social properties. No self-respecting Korean pop group used to be able to do without a well looked after Daum Cafe account. As I was part way through this Daum has announced that it is merging with Kakao Corp.

Name English equivalent What it does
다음, 뉴스, 브라우저, 프로야구 Daum: news, browser, KBO (Korean professional baseball) It’s a mobile portal of content
mypeople OTT messenger application that also includes stickers, VoIP and video calls; with support for a number of international languages. It can utilise a common Daum log-in
다음 지도, 길찾기, 지하철, 버스 Daum Maps, Directions, Subway and Bus A local version of the kind of application Google Maps provides tightly focused on the needs of Korean consumers
다음 사전 Daum Dictionary Kind of similar to Google Translate and Google Lens. Daum Dictionary allows you to ‘read’ a foreign language using your phones camera, it has a number of translation dictionaries. In addition, it has a flash card function to help Koreans increase their foreign language vocabulary
다음 카페 Daum Cafe Daum Cafe is a social network with a customisable profile page, a news stream type function called My Cafe, posts and comments – think your Facebook wall or Tumblr account, stickers, a mobile editor and push notifications
다음 클라우드 Daum Cloud Daum Cloud is similar in functionality to Dropbox and Carousel in terms of being cloud file storage and a way of sharing photos and files. Daum calls out that these can be shared across it’s mypeople social platform, Facebook and Twitter
다음 웹툰 Daum Webtoon (literally the name would be Daum Pick) Korea like Japan has a comic book culture. The most famous of these is probably Priest which was adapted for film and started Paul Bettany and Maggie Q. The country consumes web comics and Daum Webtoon mobilises that experience. Fans comment on strips, share strips amongst themselves via Daum Webtoon. A western equivalent might be comiXology (a recent Amazon acquisition); but that lacks the social aspects of Webtoon
mysticker for mypeople Augment photos with various avatar decorations like glasses or facial hair and use these pictures as stickers in OTT messenger app mypeople
SolGroup SolGroup is a private discussion group for up to 100 members. It allows you to share photos and links as well as doing a broadcast-style notice to group members
해피맘-육아맘 필수앱 (이웃맘 추천, 임신/출산 정보) Happy Mom A neighbourhood social network for Mums and Mums-to be. It’s a location-based network that tries to plug women into real-world networks, provide an online support network which can be a source of advice and provide local information. In Seoul there seems to be a consult your GP function. All up this seems to be a much more sophisticated version of Mumsnet
다음 루리웹 블러드 브라더스 공식 커뮤니티 Daum BloodBrothers Community An application that provides a community for players of Mobage’s BloodBrothers game
WITH A Flickr or 500px-type application that allows photographs to be organised into albums and easily explored
다음 TV 플레이 Daum TV Play Allows a smartphone to be used as a remote control where the smart TV has a Daum TV application
다음소셜쇼핑 – 소셜커머스 모음 Daum Social Shopping – social commerce collection The application features group shopping deals and coupons from a range of players including GroupOn. It also has an Apple Passbook-type function to organise any tickets required to redeem an offer
캠프 Camp Location-based mobile social network that looks to be around organising group activities; kind of similar in some respects to Foursquare’s Swarm
마이원 모바일 월렛 My One Mobile Wallet Mobile wallet application that also has some loyalty / rewards programme functionality built-in
마이원 모바일 월렛 Daum Kids Education app aimed at pre-schoolers, it covers much of the educational ground that Sesame Street may cover in other countries
Kardin A social business card application. It is a cross between LinkedIn’s CardMunch, Plaxo and LinkedIn


Product name What it does
Dropbox Cloud storage
Carousel Carousel is designed as a single home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and always with you. It allows for the sharing photos and videos instantly in private conversations. It provides an automatic back up  of photos and videos to Dropbox as they are taken.
Mailbox Alternative mail application specially for iCloud and Gmail users. It offers a simplified user interface and deep app linking across Dropbox products (preventing an OS-level poaching of that functionality)

Facebook – social behemoth has a number of applications out there, half due to acquisitions the company has made

Product name What it does
Facebook Replicates much of the desktop experience of using Facebook in a mobile application
Messenger An OTT messenger that seems to be playing feature catch-up with many of the bigger players. Currently allows groups, video sharing and picture sharing. There are some stickers available and a free VoIP facility
Facebook Page Manager Mobile application for page admins to manage multiple pages easily from their own phone, even provides a view of Facebook Insights
Instagram Mobile photo application with built-in filters
Whatsapp Messenger Popular, relatively unsophisticated OTT messaging application acquired earlier this year


Product name What it does
YouTube Native application video player
Google Native mobile application version of the Google search page, the key difference being the support of voice-enabled search
Google Maps Native application version of Google’s mapping service. It has voice turn-by-turn directions. It covers 220 countries and the public transport networks of over 15,000 towns and cities
Google Earth Explore the world virtually, hard to really describe Google Earth – I thought it was telling that it sits in Apple’s travel rather than navigation section
Google Chrome Alternative web browser, integration with desktop usage of Chrome browser and a reaction to non-Google search deals
Gmail Dedicated email client for the Gmail email service
Google Translate Native application interface for Google’s web translation web service
Google+ Native application that provides a simplified interface for the Google+ social network, some elements like Hangouts have been broken out into a dedicated application
Google Drive Native application that positions Google Drive as more of a cloud storage service than the productivity suite viewpoint that it provides in the desktop experience
YouTube Capture Shoot and upload video directly to a YouTube account
Hangouts A me-too OTT messenger with more of a video focus than other players
Chromecast Application to set up and change administrator-level settings for the Chromecast streaming video dongle
Google Docs Standalone of the Google Docs word processor experience which is integrated into the desktop version of Google Drive
Google Sheets Standalone of the Google Docs spreadsheet experience which is integrated into the desktop version of Google Drive
Blogger Native application to manage a Blogspot blog including creating and posting content
Google Play Books Google’s answer to Amazon’s Kindle app and Apple’s iBooks
Google Authenticator A RSA key-type second factor authentication for Google accounts. It has easy set-up with a QRcode and support for multiple accounts
Google Play Music A mix between the Apple iTunes music player app and Spotify based on Google’s Play content marketplace
Google Play Movies & TV Native application video player and marketplace for Google Play
Google Currents Flipboard-esque reader with a focus on mainstream media like The Huffington Post
Photowall for Chromecast Photowall for Chromecast is an application that lets people take pictures, edit them and collaborate with images on the TV – using phones or tablets. Anyone can take a picture and send it to a Photowall to instantly see it on the big screen.Once the collage is finished a YouTube video of your Photowall is automatically generated
Field Trip The bastard child of vintage Microsoft Office’s Clippy and a travel guide that surfaces information kind of similar to Foursquare’s exploration function. It will even use voice to deliver it’s random flag ups of interesting things near by. It is also notable for its use of skeuomorphic design in a Google product
Google Adsense Access to reports and key data from a Google advertising account over a mobile phone
Zagat Restaurant guide that Google acquired a number of years ago. In many respects Yelp before the internet. Now as a native mobile application
Google Admin Native mobile application providing an interface for sysadmins to manage enterprise usage of Google products – setting new email accounts up, shutting them down etc.
Google Coordinate Mobile application of a workforce management tool attached to Google enterprise account – ideal if you had a firm of plumbers, roofing contractors etc.
Helpouts Native application to get live video advice on a given subject matter.

Kakao Corp. is an OTT messaging application that has a higher user base than Facebook in Korea. It has a lot of hallyu content on there, stickers, in application payments and paid for enterprise accounts. Tencent, makers of WeChat have a stake in Kakao

Name English equivalent What it does
KakaoTalk messenger An OTT messenger with text, stickers, VoIP and a pitch shifter to make your voice sound cuter or play around with friends
KakaoStory A photo social network that is complementary to KakaoTalk. Think the moments function in WeChat or status updates on Facebook
KakaoGroup Extends beyond the chat room environment of KakaoTalk to private private group chat as a separate application
카카오아지트 KakaoAgit (a better translation might be KakaoHideout) Private group discussion and collaboration – sharing ideas or organising an event. Kakao Corp. promotes this particularly to self-organising groups of colleagues in a workplace
카카오 아지트 파트너 앱 Agit Partner Seems to be a group administrator tool of some sort
KakaoPlace Very similar to the recommendations functionality of Foursquare and the old Dopplr application

LINE (Naver Japan) – the Japanese subsidiary of Korean online media business Naver Corp. has a range of international and localised products for the Japanese marketplace

Name English equivalent What it does
LINE Messenger An OTT messaging application that has made a good business out of virtual stickers, popular throughout much of Asia from Taiwan to Thailand. It has been fighting a pitched battle for marketshare with WhatsAppk, WeChat, and KakaoTalk
LINE camera A photo app that integrates with LINE Messenger. It allows filters and affects to be used on pictures including a beauty filter effect. There are over 1,000 stamp effects that allow you to frame your picture, photo editing including a lasso-type function
LINE Brush and Brush lite An application similar to MacPaint of old but in a mobile device
LINE PLAY A social network that allows the user to build an avatar as an alter ego with the emphasis on cute and chat with other users
LINE Card Personalised e-card creator
pick A photography based social network similar to the social aspects of flickr
LINE Tools A mix of productivity features: conversation tables, flash light, sound meter and calculator
Ndrive Cloud storage similar to Dropbox
Naver Translate Translation software focused on Japanese speakers in partnership with Japanese dictionary publisher Kodensha
Naver Matome Reader Mobile magazine type application similar to the likes of Flipboard. Not quite a newsreader
無料 マンガ Webtoons Mobile comic reader rather like Daum’s Webtoon application. Naver Japan has also published the more popular comics as standalone applications
Kstyle Korean entertainment news magazine capitalising on the success of Korean pop music in particular in Japan. It also has some coverage of other hallyu content such as Korean dramas
LINE List Seems to be similar to KakaoGroup or the circles functionality in Google+. It pulls in contacts across social networks including LINE, KakaoTalk and Facebook


Product name What it does
XBox XBox One SmartGlass A companion application to the game console: it acts as a remote control for the media play side of the console and facilitates off-console social interaction with game mates
OneDrive The cloud storage service formerly known as Sky Drive, the application comes in both consumer and business versions.
Photosynth An application that creates panoramic views from a series of pictures that are stitched together. It also allows for these pictures to be shared with others online
Microsoft Office Mobile The traditional office suite of Word, PowerPoint and Excel for mobile devices. An Office 365 subscription is required
OWA for iPhone Native application version of Outlook Web Access that requires an Office 365 subscription
Microsoft OneNote Native application version of Microsoft OneNote, available as a free standalone application
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connect to and work on a remote Windows PC
bing search Native application with a number of bing services including bookmarks, maps and the search engine
Lync for iPhone Available in 2010 and 2013 editions Lync allows in-enterprise OTT messaging and web conferencing. Requires a licence for a Lync server
Office 365 admin Manage functions such as setting up a new email account from an iPhone
Xbox Music Spotify-style streaming application
Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for iPad Microsoft separates out these apps on the iPad so each one has to be downloaded separately rather than getting one Office app bundle. An Office 365 subscription is required
Bing get me there Bing maps application specifically for London that incorporates live data on the Tube from TfL
SharePoint Newsfeed A newsreader specifically designed for company SharePoint sites
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPhone Native application for Microsoft’s CRM application
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for iPhone and Dynamics AX Native application for Microsoft’s CRM application. Dynamics AX allows for expenses to be filed and time sheets to be completed
HealthVault Patient access to their own and their families health records
My Apps Single sign-on to Azure cloud applications
Windows Intune Company Store Enterprise mobile and table app store
Socl Somewhere between Tumblr and Behance as visual content driven social networks
Microsoft Tech Companion for iPhone News application for Microsoft developers and certified professionals
RMS Sharing Allows the user to see rights restricted content when used with an Office 365 licence

Naver: LINE’s Korean parent is a large online media in its own right. Naver powers the majority of searches in Korea and has prominent blogging and mapping platforms.

Name English equivalent What it does
NAVER Native app version of the famous Korean search engine and web portal. It is particularly interesting the way Naver collates stories of interest to the reader. Koreans can subscribe to areas of interest and have the content delivered to them
네이버 지도 NAVER Maps Similar to Google Maps; the key differences being the focus on Korea and access to real time transport data. Naver also looks to cater to cyclists in major cities more than Google does with its mapping application
me2day A social network / blogging platform
네이버 웹툰 NAVER Webtoons Web comic reader application
네이버 블로그 NAVER Blog Mobile app that allows blog management and creation of posts on Korea’s most popular blogging platform. Blogs in Korea are bigger than in the UK by a considerable margin
네이버사전 NAVER Dictionary Korean language dictionary and also Korean to 16 other languages dictionary to aid in foreign language usage
네이버 북스 NAVER Books Korean answer to the Amazon Kindle app
네이버 메일 NAVER Mail Dedicated email client for the Naver Mail service. Special features include messenger style stickers and deep integration with NDrive cloud storage for file transfers
네이버 뮤직 NAVER Music A Spotify-esque music client with some special features. It can play your own MP3s directly from the NDrive cloud storage service and synchs with whatever content you have bought on your PC without having to side load the content with a cable
NAVER Camera Camera application that allows in-app editing of pictures and automatic synching to the NDrive cloud service
네이버 웍스 캘린더 NAVER Works Calendar Enterprise version of Naver Calendar which supports multiple languages and time zones
네이버 웍스 드라이브 NAVER Works Drive Enterprise version of Naver cloud storage service, which seems to operate similar to YouSendIt
네이버 웍스 메일 NAVER Works Mail Enterprise version of Naver email service with a dedicated client
네이버 웍스 주소록 NAVER Works Contacts Enterprise version of Naver address book with a dedicated client
그린팩토리 NHN greenfactory NAVER corporate group mobile app with some intranet and stored currency functionality for employees
네이버 글로벌회화 영중일 NAVER Global Phrase Book (plus paid for version as well) Phrase book supporting English, Chinese and Japanese for Korean speakers
네이버포스트 – 신개념 모바일 스토리북 NAVER Post-New Concept Mobile Story Book Encourages users to write stories optimised for mobile usage. It allows the stories to be shared across LINE and KakaoTalk and see where connections are on NAVER Maps in a similar kind of way to Google Latitude or Foursquare’s Swarm
네이버 지식iN NAVER Knowledge iN Mobile client that provides a way to ask and answer questions in a Yahoo! Answers type of service
쥬니어 네이버 NAVER Junior Naver Mobile app that provides a Yahooligans! type experience including games and video content
쥬니어 네이버 NAVER Calendar Dedicated calendar application based on NAVER’s consumer-orientated calendar service
네이버 중한사전 NAVER Chinese-Korean Dictionary The name tells you everything you need to know
네이버 메모 NAVER Memo Similar to the Notes functionality that is a core part of iCloud, on the Mac and as part of iOS
네이버 TV NAVER TV Streaming TV and movies application
네이버 N드라이브 NAVER N Drive Mobile application providing cloud storage access, the smart thing with NDrive is the deep integration with other NAVER services like NAVER Music
네이버 주소록 NAVER Contacts Contact book app service similar to Apple’s address book app which manifests on iCloud and in system default apps in iOS and OSX

Netease is a Chinese online media company most associated with online gaming. It’s 163.com forum is enormously influential for technology loving Chinese.

Name English equivalent What it does
网易新闻 NetEase News A news client that pulls from a wide range of content from sports to shopping and everything in between
有道 词典 本地 增强 版 Youdao Dictionary Professional Edition Chinese English dictionary with an installed user base over 150 million. The app won a prize in 2011 from Apple for the app. The app integrates with Tencent’s messenger service QQ
网易公开课 NetEase Open Class Chinese English dictionary with an installed user base over 150 million. The app won a prize in 2011 from Apple for the app. The app integrates with Tencent’s messenger service QQ
网易云阅读-杂志新闻书籍 NetEase cloud reading – Magazine News Books Analogous to the Kindle app with 100,000+ books, 3000+ top magazine, ‘massive’ internet information and an ‘exquisite’ picture album. The app also allows the user to subscribe to friends microblogging, blog, QQ space and other social platforms
网易应用中心 Netease Application Center Focuses mostly on games
有道翻译官 Youdao Translator Translates eight languages into Chinese, you can use the camera to ‘read’ foreign text
网易轻博客 LOFTER Mobile client for a light blogging platform more like Dayre.me than Tumblr
网易轻博客 NetEase fashion magazine An e-magazine that allow you to purchase new editions in-application from with Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, British and American fashion magazines
网易博客 NetEase blog Mobile application to create and publish blog posts on the Netease platform
网易将军令 NetEase General Order A two-factor authentication app similar to an RSA tag
饭饭 Jenna A personalised restaurant and dish recommendation service
游戏精灵-你的游戏伴侣 Game Wizard A mobile gaming magazine with reviews, tips and hacks
网易房产榜- 看网易房产榜,知楼市冷暖 NetEase property list Allows the user to see property sales or rental prices as well as background information on the area in terms of the amenities in the locality
网易即时通2013 Netease Messenger 2013 A self-described ‘enterprise class’ instant messenger platform that supports Windows, Mac and iOS
Vemento Allows you to shoot one-second videos similar to Vine, but stitches them together into a bigger, longer film. It has a very flat design and colour scheme that mirrors iOS7
口袋篮球 Pocket Basketball CBA basketball news, statistics, player profiles and game schedules
网易印像拍 NetEase Photo Album It is like Istagram and iPhoto blended into one an includes printing services
iEase Translator Pro Youdao Translator version complete with OCR technology designed for English speakers
惠惠折扣日报—网易出品电商折扣精选(惠惠购物助手手机版) Huihui discount Daily Mobile coupon / group buying application
网易联系人助手 NetEase Contact Assistant Syncing contacts from NetEase mail in a simple address book type application
网易家居杂志 易品家 EaseHome Home and lifestyle mobile magazine compiled from the home section of the NetEase website
网易汽车 NetEase Car News Car mobile magazine compiled from the autos section of the NetEase website
网易邮箱- 网易官方手机邮箱 NetEase official mobile email Dedicated email client
网易电视指南-看直播,刷微博 NetEase TV Guide Live mobile TV programming
网易电视指南-看直播,刷微博 iStyle Fashion-orientated community mobile app
网易微博(官方) NetEase Weibo client Micro-blogging platform in the shadow of Tencent and Sino versions of Weibo
花田-免费聊天,交友,婚恋 Hanada A free dating community that includes chat functionality
网易云相册- 相片备份专家 NetEase cloud album Cloud photo album

Tencent has two of the dominant social platforms in China: QQ and WeChat. It is also big in online games publishing and e-commerce. QQ and WeChat both have their own app constellations

Name English equivalent What it does
微生活POS Micro Life POS Mobile point of sale terminal application
腾讯彩票 Tencent Lottery Lottery news including winning numbers
微客多门店版 Tencent Shopping Guide help traditional retailers store employees to use mobile phones to provide customers with a shopping guide
搜搜问问 SoSo Ask a knowledge search type mobile application think Yahoo! Answers meets Quora and has integration with Tencent Weibo
Goal精彩中超 Goal! Latest match results, player details and football league positions from the CSL (Chinese Soccer League)
看房 Showings Mobile application to aid Chinese house hunters covering most of the major cities in China
QQ团购 QQ Buy Closely linked to QQ messenger allows for shopping and use of discount coupons
企业QQ QQ Enterprise version Business version of QQ instant messenger
QQ便民 QQ convenience Payment handling app covering pre-paid cards, monthly subscriptions and virtual currency balance – presumably for their games portfolio as well as real-world payments
腾讯路宝 Tencent Lob Google Maps-like turn-by-turn directions with Waze-like traffic information
腾讯路宝 QQ watch the show Mobile application with Ticketmaster-type features
QQ网购 QQ Online Shopping Mobile application of a desktop online shopping site, think an online shopping mall, though much less of an audience than Tmall
腾讯微漫 Tencent Micro-Comic Mobile comic reading platform, with free to read content including Naruto and Dragonball Z
腾讯充值 Tencent Recharge Especially designed to manage a Q coin virtual currency account used in paying for games and monthly subscription services
Ps Play Allows images from PhotoShop to be transferred easily to a phone and friends, can do a screen cast of how an effect was done as a walkthrough. Probably handy for sharing memes
Storycam for WeChat A kind of Instagram companion app for the WeChat OTT messenger – mixes photo frame type effects with an ability to tell people more about the picture
创意相机 Creative Camera Allows users to edit pictures often for comedic value or giving them a cute look and then share via the QQ messenger service
wyFire Easy sharing of pictures over a local network: wi-fi connected device to wi-fi connected device
wyFire Easy sharing of pictures over a local network: wi-fi connected device to wi-fi connected device
腾讯爱看 Tencent Watch Summarizes and presents content so that the reader no longer ‘reads’ it but watches it
QQ美食 QQ Cuisine It has location based elements similar to Foursquare and discount coupon offers and ability to share location on Tencent Weibo
QQ财付通(腾讯出品 QQ Tenpay PayPal like peer to peer payments attached to a QQ messenger ID
Pitu Picture beautification – to make women’s skin look younger or better
自选股 Zishuagu Real time stock price information from Shanghai, Hong Kong and US stock markets
QQ提醒 QQ alert An alarm clock with lost of different settings and alerts
腾讯看比赛 Tencent watch the game Sports news from Chinese and international leagues
SOSO慧眼 SOSO Eye Price comparison application, it scans bar codes and QRCodes but also uses image recognition to find matching book covers etc
QQ电影票 QQ Movie Mobile cinema ticket booking app
One Browser Alternative to the built in phone web browser for international audiences
QQ Browser Alternative to the built in phone web browser for Chinese, Taiwanese and international audiences
腾讯地图 Tencent Map Car and public transport navigation with turn-by-turn directions
腾讯朋友 Tencent friend China’s first ‘real name’ social network rather like Facebook in that respect
Qpik International version of picture beautification app Pitu
WeChat Voice Companion app to WeChat. Speak into the app, pick an avatar which has an animated mouth that lip-synches the message and send to contacts
微视-8秒短视频分享 Microscopic Vine-like service that shoots 8-second videos
QQ阅读 QQ Reading Multi-format e-book reader supporting formats like epub and PDF
QQ通讯录-最快最智能的通讯录 QQ Contacts An address book based around the QQ messaging eco-system
QQ安全中心 QQ Security Centre Helps with securing details, binding the phone identity to a particular QQ account, protects game settings and other
My Cam Camera application that has HDR capabilities and Instagram-type filters
腾讯手机管家(原QQ手机管家 Tencent mobile butler A utility app which helps enhance Wi-Fi security, measure download speed and other features
We Sync iCloud-like back-up of address book, it helps users to move from an old phone to their new phone. It also allows the address book to be easily erased from a phone. It seems to be aimed at an international audience
QQ邮箱 QQ Mailbox Dedicated email client similar to Gmail
QQ Instant messaging client that comes in both domestic market and international versions
腾讯微云 Weiyun Dropbox-like cloud service
Qzone A Facebook-like social network allowing check-ins, status, video sharing, picture sharing
腾讯新闻 Tencent News A news reader application – think mobile portal as app
微信 WeChat / Weixin One of the world’s leading OTT messenger made in both domestic and international versions. It has features (some of which where borrowed from QQ) and is nipping at the heels of Whatsapp in a number of markets

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