Jargon watch: zhuāng bì (装B)

Reading Time: 1 minute 装B comes from Chinese Netizens. China has developed a deep and constantly evolving language online. It is fascinating to study how Chinese netizens use emoticons in a distinctly different way to westerners and the language constantly morphs in a way that leaves Chinese expatriates baffled even after a short time outside the country.  zhuāng bì … Read moreJargon watch: zhuāng bì (装B)

Jargon watch: generation glass

Reading Time: 1 minute I noticed this descriptor appear in an article about iPad obsessed children and how Mattel was looking to adjust to the market. The name relates to the ‘pictures under glass’ interface that these children have grown up with. More information How Toymaker Mattel Plans To Win Over iPad-Obsessed Kids | Time SaveSave

Jargon watch: black technology (黑科技)

Reading Time: 2 minutes An all-compassing phrase that I’ve heard being used by Chinese friends Hēi kējì in Pinyin or black technology. It’s been around for a couple of years but recently gained more currency among people that I know. It is used as a catchall for disruptive / cool innovative products. What constitutes ‘black technology’ is subjective in nature but generally … Read moreJargon watch: black technology (黑科技)

Jargon watch: 996

Reading Time: 1 minute As with many things in China, numbers become important. Chinese start-up culture has a reputation for flogging the guts out of people to a degree that would even make Sports Direct blush. 996 is a summary of many Chinese tech companies core working house 9am – 9pm, six days a week. Apparently it’s already implemented … Read moreJargon watch: 996

Jargon watch: lights out production lines

Reading Time: 1 minute If you are of a certain age, ‘hand made by robots’ brings to mind the Fiat Strada / Ritmo a thirtysomething year old hatchback design that was built in a factory with a high degree of automation for the time. Fiat subsidiary Comau created Robogate, a highly automated system that speeds up body assembly. Robogate … Read moreJargon watch: lights out production lines