Conglomerate discount

Reading Time: 3 minutes Conglomerate discount wasn’t a concept that I was that familiar with. Conglomerates had gone out of style in the west during the 1960s to the 1990s. Western conglomerates Classic conglomerate examples would be GEC ITT Litton Industries Lonhro Teledyne Textron Spivs and financiers bought in and broke them up into their constituent parts. Or a… Continue reading Conglomerate discount

The split economy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Split economy The split economy is used a term differentiate from the sharing economy. I first heard of it on the Robin Hood Snacks Daily podcast. The sharing economy has been discussed ad infinitum and is very popular. It encompasses high growth businesses like AirBnB, Uber and DoorDash. The split economy is used to differentiate… Continue reading The split economy

Digital sustainability

Reading Time: 2 minutes Digital sustainability Wunderman Thompson Intelligence highlighted digital sustainability as a trend. The internet is the seventh biggest polluter in the world. Data centres energy consumption is comparable to that of the largest ships. Web designers have been looking to do their part by designing leaner, faster web pages that take up less memory. Samsung is… Continue reading Digital sustainability