Cummings effect

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Cummings effect was named by The Guardian after former government advisor Dominic Cummings. Now famous for his unorthodox approach to sight tests. The Cummings effect describes how consumers have been testing the rules governing lockdown, often ignoring the government’s ‘stay at home’ instruction. “What is happening is people are beginning to flout the rules,… Continue reading Cummings effect


Reading Time: 2 minutes PDI or purpose driven innovation is Trendwatching’s approach to identifying and help clients act on ‘meaningful’ business opportunities. I think its interesting as it captures the aspirations of corporate responsibility professionals in businesses; a case in point being the steady changes that Unilever have made in their business over the past decade or so, like… Continue reading PDI

Big sky theory

Reading Time: 1 minute Bob Cringely was writing about the concept of big sky in one of his recent columns and I thought that it was worthwhile sharing here. Origins of big sky theory in early flight Big Sky theory came from early aviation. The main problem pilots faced was crashing into the ground rather than a mid-air collision.… Continue reading Big sky theory