Content in the online realm

Reading Time: 6 minutes The nature of content in the online realm To think about content in the online realm it makes sense to go back to 1964. In 1964, the idea of being online and exposed to hypermedia was the stuff of information theory papers and the fevered dreams of researchers on government projects trying to build working… Continue reading Content in the online realm

Nightmare of The Wolf + other things

Reading Time: 2 minutes Nightmare of The Wolf Netflix are doubling down on The Witcher franchise with their Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf anime. The approach is very similar to the approach that Netflix took with Altered Carbon. Looking at how well that anime turned out, I have high hopes that Nightmare of the Wolf will live up to… Continue reading Nightmare of The Wolf + other things

False reviews + other news

Reading Time: 5 minutes False reviews Shenzhen to support Amazon merchants | Trivium China – 50,000 merchants were banned from Amazon for astroturfing false reviews. The ban was worth up to 100 billion yuan in sales to these merchants. Half of the merchants affected are based in Shenzhen. Now the Chinese government is looking at what it can do… Continue reading False reviews + other news