The buzz of an emergent community

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was chatting with a friend who was evangelic in their description of the emergent community on the AltSpace VR (virtual reality) social network They had met great friends, the kind of meaningful interactions that seldom occurs on your Facebook wall now. But was this about the power of VR? My take was that it […]

Emotional intensity in storytelling and journey planning

Reading Time: 1 minute I went to a preview of Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt. I belatedly found one of the photos that I took there of a game story line. I was particularly interested by the emotional intensity field which could be borrowed for comms planning, customer journeys and storytelling planning. It provides yet another way of integrating culture into the […]

In praise of (D)SLR camera

Reading Time: 1 minute If you still use a camera nowadays given the usefulness of smartphones, the phrase mirrorless has become de rigueur. Photography like most other things in life have become progressively more digital. Technology is increasingly mediating every aspect of our experiences. I still like ‘mirrored’ or single lens reflex cameras. Digital single lens reflex cameras free […]

Good strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutes A couple of tweets on good strategy by Matt Holt inspired this post. Strategy and planning are considered to be disrupted by changes in the advertising industry. It often boils down to ‘ who needs good strategy when you have big data / machine learning’. Big data tells you retrospectively where you should have zigged […]

Ramblings on loose networks and social connections

Reading Time: 2 minutes I went to a family funeral and got to think about loose networks and social connections. In Ireland the tradition for a funeral is: As soon as possible after death, the body goes to the funeral home. A coroner will have had to sign off on it The body is put on exhibition in the […]