Things that made my day this week

Here are a mix of things that made my day this week:

A nice video on how Facebook engagement advertising fraud works

As good as special effects get, this time lapse footage of the sun still amazes

It is interesting how retail is looking to replace sales assistants. Nestle is rolling out SoftBank robots in Japan to sell cans of coffee

Interesting idea by jam band Phish that combines a Disney sound effects album from the early 1960s with their live performance. Phish are best known in the UK for being the inspiration behind the name of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream. They come out of the live tradition of rock with devoted fans that The Grateful Dead pioneered.

Guardians of The Galaxy is rolling out on digital distribution, Blu-Ray and DVD in the US which seemed like a good time to highlight the many different ways of saying ‘I am Groot’ in terran languages

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Keeping Secrets — STANFORD magazine – great article on modern cryptography

Why podcasts are suddenly “back” – – they never went away

Li Ka-shing turns up heat on food investment with vegan cheeseburger | WantChinaTimes – interesting investments in food technology

Intel Reveals Details of MICA Smart Bracelet – Personal Tech News – WSJ – interesting that they chose Opening Ceremony as their collaboration partner

Non-Microsoft Nokia launches Android N1 tablet with Foxconn — GigaOM – interesting move that could put Hon Hai on a path to becoming a brand in its own right. Hon Hai has encouraged migrant workers leaving to set up franchise electronics stores in the past, which would be their distribution network in China

China’s global internet conference excludes many of the industry’s biggest players | Quartz – would western internet companies bother going?

The Brain Dump | Motherboard – new Bruce Sterling story

Out and about: Dreadzone at Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge

It has become a tradition that my friend Simon and I meet up to catch Dreadzone on their annual tour last Friday. Simon had come in from Saudi Arabia so its a pretty big deal for us. This was the first time I had been to a gig at Under The Bridge. The space is a purpose-built live venue under the stadium where Chelsea play.
Dreadzone at Under The Bridge, Stamford Bridge

It is the most comfortable venue that I have been to. Molton Brown products in the toilet, spotless facilities, comfortable seats and a stand-up area in front of the stage. There are screens all around the venue to allow you to follow the gig and a great sound system.

Dreadzone put on a great gig, lower energy then previous gigs I had seen them at, but still a great performance. The location of the venue brought out a really mixed audience. Friends and family of the band, long-time Dreadzone fans, middle class professionals with fading celtic tattoos, elderly punks and older mods. I suspect that there were some locals as well, nice young things who looked rah.

The gig seemed to be supporting the reissue of Dreadzone’s second album Sound, which is due to be repressed on vinyl.

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Warren Buffett buys P&G’s Duracell business | Marketing Interactive – I think that this is smart, Duracell is a powerful brand

Nokia would like you to know that it’s “up to something” — Tech News and Analysis – more than a licenced brand deal?

Nokia says vanishing consumer brand may return | Reuters – as a licenced brand, think Bush, RCA or Philips

YouGov Profiler – so handy for throwing together personas

Instagram is killing teen girls’ self-esteem – Quartz – an exaggeration, am sure you could have put in magazines, models or TV role models in this title just as well

Is Adblock Plus Killing Your Conversions? | Kissmetrics – it is more the issue that they are counted as false impressions

China bad loans rise as growth slows | SCMP – medium businesses suffering

Build Your Own Tiny Titan Supercomputer for Less than a Grand | Motherboard – gives you an idea of how technology has changed

Kuwaitis to get Dow’s divested shares | Shanghai Daily – interesting move

Morgan Stanley pushed murky China stock to market | AP – Tianhe story probes and is a warning for due diligence`

Hong Kong Tramways: West Island MTR Line opportunity to grow ad revenue | Marketing Interactive – Hong Kong’s trams are a great outdoor advertising option which I’ve used to Tommy Bahama in the past

TSMC Predicts Next Big Thing | EE Times – MEMs and CMOS together on the one chip

Tencent’s Quarterly Earnings Disappoint As WeChat And Mobile Gaming Growth Slows | TechCrunch – games growth wouldn’t run at the same rate in the west anyway?

The Nor » All Cameras Are Police Cameras – interesting article on the paranoia imbued by surveillance technology

McChrystal warns against ‘police state’ | Politico – sweet spot between police state and anarchy

Things that made my day this week

Here are five things that my day this week:

There is something hypnotic about CNC machinery and pick-and-place arms whirling around doing their thing. Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu put this film together for their MX4 model

I am a sucker for all things Japanese at the best of times but was bowled over by two videos this week. The first was by Hiroshi Kondo which does a really good job of capturing the other-worldliness of driving at night.

The second video is of the famous Shibuya crossing in Tokyo, I love the detail, the ambient sound of it. Shibuya is a special place that I loved to watch from the Starbucks above it, this brought the experience flooding back.

The Japanese have mastered using laser heated plasma to create firefly-type effect.

CPM Special Bearings posted footage of two ABB robots having a fight with a pair of katanas.