Its a Google-world we just live in it

I’ve never been that concerned search engine traffic to my blog posts and more bothered about owning my own reputation on Google. This is primarily because I don’t monetise the site through advertising and instead think that having a good search karma is payment enough. However I gave some additional thought to search engine optimisation […]

Links of the day

Big Ideas – interesting events in London Luxury brands discover social networks – International Herald Tribune Biting the Apple Article – Eurogamer – interesting analysis piece from a games publication trying to make sense of the digital living room. One interesting quote in the comments: this is probably the last gen that we can really […]

Apple fumbles social media issues management

MobileMe has managed to ruin the performance of Apple’s .mac service and has had a patchy rate of success that makes Twitter look like a cast-iron solid enterprise platform. Even Walt Mossberg realises that MobileMe is a metaphorical dog. Now contracts and calendar synchronisation is a non-trivial computing problem especially across multiple computers and phones, […]

Links of the day

SPINNING AROUND: BBC GOES MONKEY FOR OLYMPICS  – I really like Jamie Hewlett’s work on this. I also liked the BBC’s adaption of his Phoo Action strip Max Mosley victory could spell the end of kiss and tells – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic – less work for people like Max Clifford in fighting […]

Driving seat: Living with The Flip

A while ago I shared the unboxing pictures of The Flip camcorder that I got sent by Weber Shandwick. I’ve had a chance to play with it and here’s my inital thoughts. The device is pretty robust and has been perfectly happy to float around in the bottom of my messenger bag the past number […]