Its a Google-world we just live in it

Reading Time: < 1 minute I’ve never been that concerned search engine traffic to my blog posts and more bothered about owning my own reputation on Google. This is primarily because I don’t monetise the site through advertising and instead think that having a good search karma is payment enough. However I gave some additional thought to search engine optimisation… Continue reading Its a Google-world we just live in it

Links of the day

Reading Time: < 1 minute Big Ideas – interesting events in London Luxury brands discover social networks – International Herald Tribune Biting the Apple Article – Eurogamer – interesting analysis piece from a games publication trying to make sense of the digital living room. One interesting quote in the comments: this is probably the last gen that we can really… Continue reading Links of the day

Apple fumbles social media issues management

Reading Time: < 1 minute MobileMe has managed to ruin the performance of Apple’s .mac service and has had a patchy rate of success that makes Twitter look like a cast-iron solid enterprise platform. Even Walt Mossberg realises that MobileMe is a metaphorical dog. Now contracts and calendar synchronisation is a non-trivial computing problem especially across multiple computers and phones,… Continue reading Apple fumbles social media issues management