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EitaroSoft is an interesting Japanese WeeWorld style avatar competitor but it is much more focused on gaming. EitaroSoft developed Japan’s first 3D engine with application software. It then developed a 3D avatar system based on its self-developed 3D technology. EitaroSoft made Japan’s first 3D avatar system for a mobile phone browser by using Ajax running in the browser. More here

Consumer behaviour

Microtrends | Times Online – trends and memes from The Times Online


How English Is Evolving Into a Language We May Not Even Understand – the vernacular of language changes all the time. English was spread around the world by a common culture but has been adapted in different ways. In addition, youth and minority cultures adapt it for their own use

How to

PR Skillsets of the Future – nice article by my old colleague Dan Young on how PR skillsets need to change in order to take account of technological and media industry changes

Feedtweeter – converted RSS to tweets for content syndication

Apple to .Mac Subscribers – Sync Bookmarks by Sunday – NYTimes.com – this is huge for Apple user experience. I use bookmarks to add functionality for my different Mac and iPhone accounts for instance my social bookmarklet, taking this away would hamper my productivity

Web Worker Daily » Archive 5 Rules of Thumb for Web Workers « – handy heuristics for web works that will help with productivity and lifehacks


A VC: Thinking About Groups


Metropolis – Best of Tokyo – recommendations from the ex-pat community


Our man in… Singapore | Asia – Times Online – insider recommendations on Singapore, ideal for the tourist or the business traveller alike (paywall). More related content here.


Could this be the tipping point for UK data mashups? | Online Journalism Blog – expectation that government adoption of open data formats and new tools could massively change data journalism for the better. The bigger question I would have would be about knowledge of skills