Hawker markets & things this week

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hawker markets Eating out is an important part of life in many Asian countries. Cheap eats in Singapore are provided by hawker markets. Imagine Asian street food, if it was run by Germans. They had a similar tradition to hawkers called da pai dang (大牌檔). But the Hong Kong government has slowly squeezed them out… Continue reading Hawker markets & things this week

Get Tough by William E Fairbairn

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is Get Tough? Get Tough is a book on hand-to-hand fighting originally published in 1942. It is important for what it represents as much as it is with regards its content. Fairbairn as an author By the time Get Tough was written in 1942; Fairbairn was an experienced published author. In 1926, Fairbairn wrote… Continue reading Get Tough by William E Fairbairn

CNY 2021

Reading Time: 6 minutes February 12, is CNY 2021 (Chinese new year 2021); based on the lunar calendar. It is the year of the ox, the second animal in the Chinese zodiac cycle. It is celebrated by people of Chinese heritage around the world. Some of the best creative in Asia comes out of the new year campaigns. Here… Continue reading CNY 2021