Taking a break from blogging

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Hi,I am taking a break from blogging for a few days but will be back at it on Tuesday in the meantime I can recommend Bob Cringely’s weekly column which this week talks about YouTube, its licence changes, intellectual property rights and the whole phenomena of YouMedia.

Three interesting parts to it:– YouTube doesn’t believe in the warm fuzziness of web 2.0 companies i.e: Google’s don’t be evil mantra. But then Flickr has had its Nipplegate as well, so no surprises

– YouTube is going to make money by pillaging and repurposing other peoples content to their hearts content, how will affect the social forces that have driven YouMedia? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction: the mass media begat media literate consumers that eventually became innoculated from conventional advertising. Also is there a market for them to charge PR companies for the privilege of not having their viral videos subverted, relicenced and remixed with competitor messages?– YouMedia is the emperors new clothes, there is evidence that it works, but the companies at the forefront of it often don’t really get it. They talk a good game on PowerPoint but that doesn’t really mean squat. Something that I have suspected for a long time, but Bob got a frank admission from some 30-something executives from a large unnamed media company. There again this kind of makes sense, the hippy movement could only really be understood in retrospect.

Trip down to the local

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Congratulations to my former colleagues especially Axl & team for finally getting this puppy out the door. Find it at yahoo.co.uk/local

Jargon watch: Calling in rich

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Calling in rich – When the partner of a business has enough money and doesn’t want to work any more they are said to call in rich.It can be very difficult if the business hasn’t succession-planned for the departure.

Generally it refers to the founders of technology companies, but I have known a partner in a hedge fund to do this.

Kudos to A VC.

I am about to use profane language

To many PR people time tracking is as offensive as any swear word, thankfully the interweb has once again came to the rescue. Courtesy of LifeHacker comes a downloadable paper sheet for those of you that like to mark their tracking and then put it in electronically. (I don’t get the sense of it, but there you go). For freelancers or budding the Martin Sorrell’s of this world, you could do worse than look at Toggl an online time tracking solution built on wholesome web 2.0 goodness.

Online value

Bob Cringely’s article got me thinking about a number of questions.- If a story is less likely to be read because of the nature of online media versus print media, how should this be factored into credibility and reputation (like opportunities to see numbers do currently for print and broadcast)?

– Does the nature and intensity of engagement between media and reader change for online outlets, and if so how does it impact on the relative benefit of PR?

– How can PRs take advantage of the slowed down media agenda online?

– Is there economic case for PRs to move from media influencers to creating their own media, given the diminished power of online media (large and small)?

Let me know any thoughts that you have on the subject.