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恭贺新禧! | Happy Chinese New Year

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Chinese new year 2
I hope that the year of the horse brings all the good fortune that you deserve.

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8 Retail Trends In China – WPP – (PDF)

WeChat overtakes Facebook in Indonesian market| – Indonesia is a unique marketplace. Big on Twitter, a huge market for Path

Can McDonald’s Hot Coffee Help Put It Back on Top? – but can McDonald’s hack it as a third space

TelecomTV | News | Message Wars: are operators really ready to fight back? against WhatsApp, WeChat/Weixin, LINE or Kakao Talk

AMD Delivers With ARM | EE Times

Reappearance of site spurs speculation of internet giant’s return | South China Morning Post – (paywall)

Answers to a Puzzling Deal at Alibaba Remain in the Shadows | New York Times Dealbook – (paywall)

Tim Cook: iPhone 5c popular among first-time iPhone buyers, but not as popular as expected | 9to5Mac – the iPhone 5C says as much about how scalable the manufacture of the mono-body chassis of the 5 and 5s was as anything else. (It wouldn’t scale that well). The 4 and 4S had more of an advance because they still look classier designs

A Quick Guide to Baidu PPC Keywords Quality Score

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Young China by Kathy Xiaosi Gong

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An interesting perspective on China highlighting progress and negative societal change over the past three decades. Young Chinese are categorised as being born after 1978. Xiaosi (born in 1986) used a computer for the first time at age 14 and had her first cup of coffee at age 15. Interesting analysis on princelings which dispells the idea of them as a new aristocracy as they move away from power to business.