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8 Retail Trends In China – WPP – (PDF)

WeChat overtakes Facebook in Indonesian market| – Indonesia is a unique marketplace. Big on Twitter, a huge market for Path

Can McDonald’s Hot Coffee Help Put It Back on Top? – but can McDonald’s hack it as a third space

TelecomTV | News | Message Wars: are operators really ready to fight back? against WhatsApp, WeChat/Weixin, LINE or Kakao Talk

AMD Delivers With ARM | EE Times

Reappearance of site spurs speculation of internet giant’s return | South China Morning Post – (paywall)

Answers to a Puzzling Deal at Alibaba Remain in the Shadows | New York Times Dealbook – (paywall)

Tim Cook: iPhone 5c popular among first-time iPhone buyers, but not as popular as expected | 9to5Mac – the iPhone 5C says as much about how scalable the manufacture of the mono-body chassis of the 5 and 5s was as anything else. (It wouldn’t scale that well). The 4 and 4S had more of an advance because they still look classier designs

A Quick Guide to Baidu PPC Keywords Quality Score

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Xiaosi Gong on Young China

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An interesting perspective on China highlighting progress and negative societal change over the past three decades. Young Chinese are categorised as being born after 1978. Xiaosi (born in 1986) used a computer for the first time at age 14 and had her first cup of coffee at age 15. Gong has gone on to found a number of businesses and currently heads up Wafa Games. Her personal insights of connections behaviours give an interesting analysis on princelings which dispells the idea of them as a new aristocracy as they move away from power to business.

Key takeouts

  • Political elites adopted western behaviours much earlier than their ordinary peers. But was aspirational for teenagers
  • Their parents who would make up the first generation of entrepreneurs redefined social class outside the very political elite. They learned that everything comes at a cost.
  • Third generation princelings chose to become business people, they have become less powerful by moving away from politics. Xiaosi talks about princelings that she is personally connected with

More on Xiosi Gong here. More on China here.

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Links of the day | 在网上找到

Reading Time: 2 minutesDigital Intelligence :: Internet ad spend up 32% globally- TV up just 4% – Internet, outdoor and television advertising saw the greatest increases in spend throughout the first three quarters of 2013, while TV rose just 4%, according to new global figures via Nielsen’s quarterly Global AdView Pulse report

Ford 2014 Trend Report – The Ford Motor Company’s inhouse futurist pulled this together, mostly about consumer attitudes and behaviours

WeChat creates a social game for giving away New Year Lucky Money. WeChat Payment will be the biggest winner. – interesting commerce play, putting the pieces together

Device recognition technology advances marketing suite Experian incorporates 41st Parameter’s device recognition technology, AdTruth

Chinese Travelers Can Now Use Alipay Wallet For Hong Kong Retail Shopping –

How did the Korean wave start? | The Korea Blog – Korea was tired of cash outflows to Hollywood and realised the revenue from media could be as big as ‘hard’ goods

China’s Tencent WeChat App Targets U.S. Users – WSJ

CCTV exposes unlicensed and fake goods at Chinese Walmarts|WantChinaTimes.comfeatured around 200 alleged company documents from as far back as 2006 showing that company managers signed off on more than 600 products that lacked the requisite paperwork for distribution. The unlicensed products even included fake products, including counterfeit versions of the Feitian Moutai, Chinese liquor made by Kweichow Moutai – interesting that the fakes highlighted were copies of Chinese brands. CCTV does have an agenda but there appears to be error with Wal-Mart

Davos wrap: beware the EM middle class | beyondbrics – next black swan is emerging markets middle classes?

Keeping the taxman on the other sideof the mountains | South China Morning Post – a commentary in praise of Chinese tax evasion

Intel’s voice recognition will blow Siri out of the water—because it doesn’t use the cloudThere’s a problem with today’s voice recognition systems: They’re just too slow. Anyone who has waited in frustration while Siri or Google Voice “thinks” about even the simplest commands knows what I’m talking about

How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love – Wired Science

Kantar: Android Accounted For 70% Of Smartphone Sales In Q4, But Samsung Is Now “Under Real Pressure” | TechCrunch

Fast Retailing to list in Hong Kong

微信与全球最大互联网公司谷歌“联姻”——正式进军美国市场  – WeChat gets serious on expansion

Data pick of the day: Android dominance in Asian markets

China Clamps Down on Internet Video Industry – The Hollywood Reporter – micro-film makers need to register their identity

BBC News – HSBC imposes restrictions on large cash withdrawals

A global tour of the emerging-markets currency crunch

Will Retailers Make the Right Choice on Mobile Tracking? | DataWorks – Advertising Age atores have a choice: keep quiet about mobile data tracking technology, OR define its tangible benefits to consumers