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EU Deepens Antitrust Investigation Into Google’s Practices | WSJ – its telling that a US commenter claims this is economic warfare and they might have a point… Phone numbers may start with ‘unlucky’ 4 and 7 as Hong Kong mobile demand outstrips supply | South China Morning Post – the phones are mounted on the dashboards of […]

The changing culture of Silicon Valley

When I was in college I interviewed for a few placements, one was with Hewlett-Packard in Germany. They wanted a marketing student to look after their printing brochures on demand initiative for their UNIX product line. This was going to save them a mint in terms of marketing spend using an Indigo Digital Press rather […]

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Should Your Logo Be a Wordmark or a Symbol? + – app design space predictates going with a symbol which has its own risks 3M Builds an Impressive Branded Rube Goldberg Machine From a Variety of Its Products – absolutely nails the brand positioning of 3M Selfridges puts Apple Watch at the center in floral window […]

Jargon watch: breakfastarians

Marketers have a unique knack of mangling the English language to put labels on market segments. Breakfastarian seems to be a self description rather than a market segment on this occasion. It’s people who like breakfast for dinner. Apparently, this is a segment of the population who appeals to McDonalds who is suffering from stagnating […]

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Glove-like socks are made from material stronger than Kevlar – Swiss Barefoot Company LinkedIn Lookup app replaces company intranets – Business Insider – defensive move against Facebook for Work Smartphone-Owning Millennials Say Most of Their Retail Browsing Occurs In-Store | Marketing Charts – so retailers need to put in free wi-fi without a reg wall Gallery: A practical, low-tech […]