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A Beautiful Mystery – IDEO’s Spark app Remote gambling in Singapore facing heavy restrictions – Online and other remote betting activities within Singapore will be illegal, subject to “specific exemptions”, under plans to be drawn up by the Government in the country. Yahoo! Hong Kong Deals Most Popular Coupon site in Hong Kong, Groupon and Taobao Juhuasuan show […]

Trailer for Continuum film

19 minute trailer for a space related film Continuum, love the old archive footage in the film and amazing earth shots. Stewart Brand lobbied NASA to release the focus of the earth from space and it became a central part of the environmental lobby’s visual language and the countercultural movement’s bible: The Whole Earth Catalog […]

Pretty vacant: middleweight designer required for Old Street design agency

My good friend Stephen Holmes is looking for a middleweight designer for his agency near Old Street: it’s a small operation that works with some large brands. Here is the full spiel: Middleweight Graphic Designer Bloodybigspider is a small design agency in East London working across a huge variety of local and global campaigns, both […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Why Intel wants to be everyone’s chip maker – interesting analysis Brands need to reassess Gen Y – focus on experiences, not really surprising given how many ‘objects’ have been obliterated by digital economy Unnamed US officials speculate on Snowden’s ‘doomsday cache’ – feels a bit like spin, we’ll never know though Safeplug delivers Tor-in-a-box for anonymous web […]

50 ways that you know you are generation-x

50 ways that you know you are generation-x, in no particular order: You were afraid of a hole in the ozone layer before climate change became the new green cause You hear the word portal and think of an early website with a cluttered layout like a broadsheet newspaper from companies like MSN, Yahoo! and […]