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Voodoo Ray & more news

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Voodoo Ray

I love this remix of a steel band version of Voodoo Ray. Voodoo Ray was also covered in the Acid Brass compilation. The original version of Voodoo Ray by A Guy Called Gerald was released back in 1989. The artist still didn’t get paid for it.


BB/CC Creams and Holistic Beauty: A Blessing or a Curse? – Analyst Insight from Euromonitor International

Consumer behaviour

Youth Barometer – Credit Suisse – interesting research done on a global basis

APAC mums tend to worry more than dads about their kids’ futures


Chart of the Day: The Collapse of the American Middle Class | Mother Jones

Brazil thinks it’s being colonized by China, and wants its economy back – Quartz‘Wait a minute, we are running a huge trade deficit with China. They are investing $20 billion and grabbing up all our resources. Are we a colony?’


A bottler of beloved Mexican Coke is considering shifting from cane sugar to save money – Quartz – over 70% of Mexico’s population is now overweight


Op-ed: Why I’m not too worked up about the next-gen console resolution wars | Ars Technica

17 things we learned from Sony’s massive PS4 FAQ | Ars Technica – no CD playback, MP3 playback or audio visualisation.

How to

25+ tried and tested tips for building your personal brand | Econsultancy


Trend of the day: Generation me – Brand Republic News – personal branding

Human interactions more precious as automation advances | JWT Intelligence


China Buys Its Way Into Silicon Valley –


Why Girls’ Generation and K-Pop Won Big at the YouTube Music Awards – Scene Asia – WSJ – the problem isn’t the fans but the relentless production line of identi-kit bands


Jing Daily: Women’s fashion in China

IHG tackles falling hotel occupancy with WeChat campaign decoding Chinese dialects – Campaign Asia


Transparency and Data: Branding in the Age of Programmatic – comScore, Inc – programmatic is a word to describe a multitude of sins

Programmatic Ad Buying for Dummies | Adweek

A Harvard Professor Knows Why the Bloated Blockbuster Will Never Die – Businessweek

Examples of Snapchat campaigns – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice

Most Social Media Managers Are Dipshits | VICE United Kingdom – harsh but awful examples – harsh but awful examples


Western Brands Tapping Into China’s Big E-commerce Holiday | Global News – Advertising Age – China’s Singles Day has evolved into the country’s largest e-commerce shopping event. November 11 is often thought of as TaoBao‘s Black Friday


Cyberattack shuts down major Israeli roadway – – targeting security cameras

South Korea is stuck with Internet Explorer for online shopping because of security law – The Washington Post

Anatomy of a password disaster – Adobe’s giant-sized cryptographic blunder | Naked Security


Google Android 4.4 KitKat – Operating systems – CNET Reviews – interesting move to try and control the platform more / reduce fragmentation

As Ballmer Exits, Microsoft May Be in Better Shape Than Most Think | – interesting analysis of Microsoft. Cloud and non-PC devices lower margins

Exclusive: Microsoft narrows CEO shortlist; Mulally, Elop make the cut

Mainframe2 runs super-powerful Windows apps in the cloud – I, Cringely

Google Search iOS app gets massive update w/ ‘OK Google’ handsfree voice search, notifications, reminders, much more | 9to5Mac


Analyst: Apple’s iPad Air Shows Awesome Early Returns

Dell Officially Goes Private: Inside The Nastiest Tech Buyout Ever – Forbes


Global digital wars take Australia hostage – interesting collection of perspectives on Huawei

Web of no web

By 4 to 1, Early Adopters Pick Wearable Watches Over Glasses – jessica lessin

Google wants to build maps that customize themselves based on what they know about you — Tech News and Analysis


Samsung is overpowering smartphone rivals in China with its market share doubling in the third quarter – Digits – WSJ