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BRIC millennials

Data point: BRIC Millennials look abroad for education and workMillennials are the first truly global generation. Having grown up in a globalized world, connected and exposed to foreign cultures thanks to the Internet, their horizons are open, and they embrace an international mindset. – This article on BRIC millennials seems to be channel Francis Fukuyama with regards an international mindset. Yet, BRIC millennials are living in more nationalist countries with populist leaders


How has VC funding changed since 1995? (Charts) — Tech News and Analysis

Consumer behaviour

DATA POINTS: Consumer confidence levels off in Southeast Asia – Campaign Asia

285 million spent on Halloween in UK in 2012

Generation Analog and the Myth of the Digital Native — mobileYouth®


Classics: The Shamen – Ebeneezer Goode | Pulse Radio – brilliant interview with Mr C


Panasonic concedes plasma TV defeat, ends production | The Verge

Asians prefer touchscreen products: News from

How to

International SEO: 22 tools and one infographic to help improve your strategy | Econsultancy

OneTimeBox – great service

Four essential steps to creating a B2B marketing dashboard | Econsultancy


Shell Oil: The last gasoline car will be built in 2070 | VentureBeat – interesting read

Trend of the day: Social utility – Brand Republic Newsyou heard it here first


Altera’s Secret Processor Unveiled: a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A53 | EE Times – major effort to optimise for Intel’s fabs

NEC Enables to Measure Distance With Monocular Camera — Tech-On!

For the first time ever, Apple will spend more money on technology than Intel – Quartz


Americas look set to eclipse the Asia-Pacific as luxury’s biggest growth engine in 2013 | Material World


Misinterpreting Brand Valuation | Aaker on Brands


Facebook Admits Some Decrease Of Usage Amongst Young Teens For The First Time | TechCrunch

An Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg | Forrester Blogs – interesting the amount of debate this caused

Exclusive: CBS News In Talks With Distributors For 24-Hour Digital Video Service

An Open Letter To Nate Elliot, Vice President at Forrester, In Response to Facebook Ad Criticism | Social Media Statistics & Metrics | Socialbakers – admittedly Social Bakers has a lot riding on Facebook…

Facebook reacts to ‘irresponsible’ report that calls it a traditional media owner – Brand Republic News – I’m with Forrester on this one

WeChat Opens APIs to All Verified Business Accounts

Unilever exec: Create mobile-specific native advertising to engage consumers – Mobile Marketer – Strategy

The Disgusting Truth About The Great British Bake Off | VICE United Kingdom – some illuminating insights on social TV at the end

Yahoo tried to slow Microsoft search rollout: filing | Reuters – because it’s a bad deal and Microsoft’s Adcenter sucks

Facebook Earnings Graphs Shows Shift To Mobile May Be Depressing Domestic Ad Revenue Per User | TechCrunch

Syncapse Bankruptcy Documents Lay Bare The Financials Of Marketing On Facebook – Business Insider – which does make you wonder where all the social marketing dollars are actually going

Sean Combs Plots Television Effort – – it could get a wider audience


The 100 oldest .com domains on the internet. | Life & Times

Map Lets People Listen In On New York In The ’20s – PSFK

DisneyShorts – YouTube – brilliant


Amazon and the “profitless business model” fallacy — Remains of the Day


Darkmail Alliance: secure email standard being developed | BGR – email as we know it from an information security point-of-view is broken

Meet “badBIOS,” the mysterious Mac and PC malware that jumps airgaps | Ars Technica

NSA Fallout Hurts AT&T’s Ambitions In Europe –


Give us this day our daily date: Korean matchmaking app goes global – interesting points on app design

Nike: Android fragmentation is the reason there is no Fuel app | T3

Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned “Rockstar” sues Google | Ars Technica – interesting strike launched on Android handset manufacturers and Google’s search offering

Why Android First is a Myth | steve cheney – technology, business & strategy – poor development tools, testing and platform fragmentation


Hell freezes over: Intel announces plan to fab ARM processors | ExtremeTech

76.5% of Sina Weibo Users Access the Service via Mobile

Latest Gartner Hype Cycle – Smart Insights Digital Marketing Advice – big data is due a kicking

I, Cringely How Big Data is destroying the U.S. healthcare system – I, Cringely – why I have been so skeptical about the quantified self

Engineer predicts Apple’s iTunes Radio will put an end to overly loud recordings | The Audiophiliac – CNET News

Google futures and other market data fragments (or, Bang (goes) the Big Theory)

Web of no web

The Man Who Would Teach Machines to Think – James Somers – The Atlantic


iPad market share analysis: profits make up for lower volume | BGR – share of profit rather than market share

Communities Dominate Brands: Bloodbath Results, Latest Apple Quarter – More evidence of Peak iPhone

Apple: iPhone Momentum Continues, Says Societe Generale; Android Slipping? – Tech Trader Daily –