Everything the Network Touches by Tom Coates

A presentation that is as vast as James Glieck’s book The Information, Tom Coates ties networks, communications, innovation and manufacture together. My favourite line: It took a planet to make this room Take outs Google indexs over 28 billion pages Google Books holds 15 million out of an estimated 130 million books the exist Upgrades […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Trying to get back up to speed with links, have a helping typist hand, not up to date yet but this is the first of more links of the day posts to follow: US Military Scientists Solve the Fundamental Problem of Viral Marketing | MIT Technology Review Seth’s Blog: Is Google jumping the shark? – […]

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I managed to break my arm late this morning, so unlikely to be posting until I get my cast off then service will resume as usual; with the usual boring content and bad grammar.

Eight trends: Immersive as well as interactive experiences

This post may take a while to get into, so please bear with me, but I want to take two examples that showcase where I was going on immersive experiences. I gave my parents my first iPad in September last year so that we could stay in touch, and detailed some of the challenges that […]

Links of the day | 在网上找到

Burger King’s Name Change to Fries King Is Making People Hungry and Confused | Adweek – not as good as Whopper Freakout Urban push | China Daily – on urbanisation of China Competing with a Mac | asymco – interesting analysis of BlackBerry Sharp Shows MEMS-shutter Displays, Touts Low Power Consumption — Tech-On! I, Cringely […]