Links of the day

Mainstream Media Finally Cops To Dependence on Blogs* – Silicon Alley Insider Microsoft’s Potential Yahoo Buy Could Lose Alibaba | WebProNews Fire Eagle, the early days – nice overview by Tom Coates, can’t wait to see what the eco-system looks like by the time there is a developer meet-up in London later on this year […]

Oprah Time: Microtrends:The Small Forces Behind Tomorrow’s Big Changes by Mark Penn and E. Kinney Zalesne

Microtrends is one of them must-read books if you want to recognise where your peers get some of their slideware and buzzwords from. Author Mark Penn has a rich pedigree with this, having been the political wonk who was partly responsible for popularising the ‘soccer mom‘ phrase during the late 1990s; this was to US […]

Links of the day

Yahoo! Messenger finally lets Mac users make voice calls Welcome to MClips – Microsoft Italy blogging platform Marketing, Rowden: Asia leads the way | – Asia leads the way in mobile internet adoption and online marketing techniques according to Saatchi & Saatchi’s head of APAC Marketing, LV is most desired luxury brand in HK […]

Vicarious Experiences

I had a chat with Gi at Techlightenment over a coffee in the Tea Building at Shoreditch last week when we got to discussing what I had blogged about in my ‘fire hose of content‘ posting earlier on that week. And we diverted on to vicarious experiences, let me give you an example: Occasionally I […]

The power of brands

Burger King and the Whopper are the poster child for big food. My first memory of Burger King was seeing one of my friends drag a McWorker across the counter after the person had taken his order and screamed into the back kitchen Whopper! Unfortunately this was also Liverpudlian slang for a fool, an idiot […]