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Mountain Lion + more news

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Mountain Lion

Daring Fireball: Mountain Lion – interesting insight to Apple’s PR approach on OS X Mountain Lion

Apple OS X Mountain Lion unveiled: Consumer dream, developer nightmare | ExtremeTech – Mountain Lion is leaning much more heavily on the app store and has an eye towards iOS converts


Not Made Up: Tourists Boost Cosmetics Industry – WSJ – for Korean sales, a bit like luxury sales in Paris and London


Recent incidents add to China’s edginess about terror – International Herald Tribune

Sponsors of Olympic torch caught in Tibet protests – International Herald Tribune – interesting reputation challenges for the sponsors

Consumer behaviour

How Companies Learn Your Secrets – NYTimes.comright around the birth of a child, when parents are exhausted and overwhelmed and their shopping patterns and brand loyalties are up for grabs

Text Generation Gap: U R 2 Old (JK) – New York Times – interesting article on how young people are using technology adoption a way of building space between themselves and older people.


DIN 1451 Complete Family Pack –


HFCU – Hammersmith & Fulham Credit Union – More Than Just Money – Launching Early 2008 – CASH-STRAPPED and debt-ridden families in Britain could be saved by Irish-style credit unions.

How tos

How to Keep Your Mac’s SSD Trim and Healthy

Navy SEALs: Mental Strength And Courage – Men’s Health – lessons learned muscle memory through repetition, taking a deep breath and problem solving


UNdata – the best information resource on the web since the CIA World Book

I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Amish Paradise | PBS


MIT almost produces an optoelectronic computer chip | ExtremeTech


Chinese Company Will Manufacture Products in Japan | Japan Probe

Japanese brands rise in value: – despite everything they have managed to keep growing in value “Edogawa Rampo in Print and Film” – famous Japanese detective writer

Marketing, The many faces of Japanese women | – Interesting article about Japanese demographics

Offering Japanese family crest EPS files for free. Retrievable in English.


What to Call the New Rich: Bollygarchs, The Ka-Ching! Dynasty – WSJ

Marketing, LV is most desired luxury brand in HK and SG, ASIA PACIFIC, Marketing, Retail, Research findings, | – not that you would guess it at all by walking around Hong Kong’s main shopping areas ;-)


Murdoch to launch new British Sunday tabloid | Reuters

Lawsuit Could Force RIAA to Reveal Secrets | Listening Post from – Music industry is going down like the Gambino family

Music Industry Mulls Suing Google Over “Pirate” Search Results | TorrentFreak

Google Growth In Europe Outpacing The US

KCTV – interesting online and art magazine

Marketing, Rowden: Asia leads the way | – Asia leads the way in mobile internet adoption and online marketing techniques according to Saatchi & Saatchi’s head of APAC

Britain to overhaul video game ratings system

UK: Films included in a broadcast | Kluwer Copyright Blog – interesting position for movie companies and for Sky Sports


CityIN 百变城市 | 联系你的朋友,玩遍你的城市! – Chinese homegrown answer to Facebook

Welcome to MClips – Microsoft Italy blogging platform

Second Life: The 5 real blunders of Philip Rosedale’s virtual career

Microsoft’s Potential Yahoo Buy Could Lose Alibaba | WebProNews


Retail battle heats up in China:


Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother – Politics – CBC News

Oystercard cracked – geek out on the details: Cryptanalysis of Crypto-1

Privacy Isn’t Phorm’s Biggest Problem – interesting article on Phorms business model and the privacy debate

WSJ: Google tricked Apple’s Safari in order to track users | Privacy Inc. – CNET News


Google Watch – Google vs. Microsoft – Google Product Manager Shreds SharePoint

WinRT for coding for Windows 8? Is .NET really such rubbish? |

NeoOffice Home – OpenOffice implementation that’s Mac native

Slashdot | MythTV 0.21 Released

Yahoo! Messenger finally lets Mac users make voice calls

Featured Mac Download: Completely Uninstall Programs with AppCleaner – I need this to clean up my MacBook Pro

Fire Eagle, the early days – nice overview by Tom Coates, can’t wait to see what the eco-system looks like by the time there is a developer meet-up in London later on this year


Why Old Technologies Are Still Kicking – New York Times – or why big iron still rocks. Interesting article comparing technology adoption with evolution.


DoCoMo phones to get simpler OS : Business : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri)