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Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle does not know the meaning of surrender. Or disclosure. – MacUser – industry analyst gets called out on astroturfing. Rod Enderle is old school Silicon Valley, he worked in finance, and IT business analysis roles at Rolm. Rolm sold military specification computers to the US armed services and for other applications like oil exploration and various telecoms products. Rod Enderle would have worked with partners like IBM and Data General – in their time big enterprise technology firms. (Data General would be later bought out by EMC, now part of Dell). These connections probably helped Rob Enderle throughout his analyst career. He started as an analyst in the mid 1990s, which was a golden time. Rob Enderle was meeting large corporates rolling out ERP and CRM software, his opinions and research at Dataquest and Giga helped sway multi-million dollar deals around the world.

Consumer behaviour

Success of ‘Kung Fu Panda’ touches a cultural nerve in China – interesting that the debate did not touch on the fact that outsiders have a distance from the subject matter of Chinese culture. This distance helps the creative process


Hong Kong Film Posters – I just love going through this site when I am short of inspiration for ideas


Uncomfortable Answers to Questions on the Economy –

Economic Impact of Word-of-Mouth Calculated Using Net Promoter Model


Forget The Great Firewall of China, please | Technology | Internet | Reuters – over-used semantics in media coverage


What’s On – Japan foundation

JAPAN-UK 150 – some interesting events celebrating 150 years of a UK / Japanese relationship


I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Inflection Point | PBS – on digital television broadcasting

Three-Cent Music Tracks Try To Crack China’s Piracy Problem


Matt McAlister » Chad Dickerson to join Etsy in New York – this a great move for Chad but a bit of a loss for Yahoo!

Google PageRank Patent May Go Poof | WebProNews


Slate Magazine – Always Dumb Politics. Always Wal-Mart.


Toor2122 – Steve Rambam – Privacy Is Dead – Get Over It – really interested talk that was also presented at Last HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) conference. Invaluable for marketers and privacy freaks alike.

Security flaws in online banking sites found to be widespread – interesting reading. When will something like this sink a bank’s reputation and brand below the water line. A lot of the stuff seems like the same things you’d see on spoof sites

Lawrence Lessig on the coming “i-Patriot Act” – Boing Boing


Mac Mojo: The Office for Mac Team – Solver for Excel 2008 – great data analysis add-on for the Mac Office version of Excel

WordPress for iPhone – this is going to get a lot of hype, whats wrong with using the update by email option? I think this is brand over requirement. You are not a credible digerati brand unless you support the iPhone platform.

Web of no web

The 3D Internet Will Change How We Live –


Apple cuts iPhone 3G cost by over $50, says iSuppli Technology – Motorola claims executive took secrets to Apple – Interesting read: synopsis. Motorola wants to restrict the right to trade of a former executive. Secondly Motorola’s problems are due the iPhone getting a lift up off its strategies and tactics.