People that have made my year

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2015 has been a year of constant change. Here are the people that have made my year. From winning the global Huawei smartphone business, launching New Balance Football and making margarine more digital. There were also low points like going through the pain of working on Huawei yet again. Also Racepoint Global’s financial position meant that I and other senior staff were let go from the London office:

My good friend and go to creative Stephen Holmes at Bloodybigspider whose office in Whitechapel I had access to during the autumn

Ian Wood with whom I shared coffee and ideas  throughout the year

The team at Mullen Lowe Profero who have helped me get to grips with a number of projects that I picked up in mid-flight whilst working at Unilever. This included media buying best practice, a global website template, an ad for the Mexican market and assets for an interim UK website.

Haruka Ikezawa who was my desk mate and creative sounding board at Racepoint. Haruka is a multi disciplinary creative who can turn her hand to illustration, animation, video editing and graph  design. In her spare time she also drums with a couple of bands.

My good friend Cecily Liu at China Daily, who is always a great source of intellectual discussion

Luke Zak who drove a lot of the work on New Balance Football through his love of the beautiful game and deep knowledge of working with sports star talent. Luke had previously worked on adidas and Visa’s sponsorship programmes.

Vicky Neill who shared many of the highs and lows of pitching and driving campaigns for Huawei. Vicky is based in Hong Kong and we used to work at Racepoint Global together.

More marketing related things here.

Those are the people who have made my year; who are the people that made yours?