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Communities Dominate Brands: Average Blyk campaign 100K messages, average segment only 8K youth – digging into Blyk stats – so much in this. Blyk took a model that had been popular in Africa and India – funding data, messaging and voice services with advertising and took it to the next level: a mobile carrier paid for by advertising. Blyk targeted young people and had offices in Finland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and in India. The Blyk model doesn’t add up in the face of modern carrier practices bundling services in post-paid and pre-paid services.


Clinique, Sony Star in Web Sitcom –

Consumer behaviour

Texting Is Preferred Communication Method for College Students

danah boyd on teens and social technology

Study: 8.5 Hours a Day Spent on Screens –


DUB TV Multimedia Production – surreal Russian dub and breaks site


Made in design – cool contemporary design stuff

Otto Wooden Fan : Swizz Style – Designer Products for your Home – really nice design. If Charles Eames had designed a fan, this would be it


China Moves Closer to Nasdaq-Style Market –

Hong Kong

Openrice – Hong Kong Restaurants Guide – Most of the reviews are in Chinese

How to

Want to Save Money? Carry Around $100 Bills – TIME

There Is No Secret Sauce in SEO!

Zoho CRM: A Good Option for Web Workers

Optimal Workshop: Home – handy research tools

Keyword and Topic Research with Wikipedia Visualization Tools

Tinker Gives Twitter Its Long Awaited Events Firehose – interesting new service for Twitter monitoring


The Civil Heretic – Freeman Dyson – – interesting the reaction that views beyond the orthodoxy of the global warming codex gets from a liberal estanblishment who should know better

apophenia: Bernie Hogan: “Networking in Everyday Life”

A Model of The Creative Process


Nokia aims to prove there is mobile demand beyond the iPhone » VentureBeat – the Morph nanotechnology video at the end is really cool

HK, Shenzhen agree on innovation plan – interesting range of focus across a spread of technologies


Macne Nana – for a anime version of the girly T-Pain sound


Dapper and pissed off – Slate Magazine – interesting article about how important appearance and dressing is in Nigerian culture. The right look and an up to date cell phone make all the difference apparently


Malaysia’s big turn off | – interesting Malaysian take on the Earth Hour phenomena


Nobody does potholes like KFC – pure ambient advertising genius until there’s a class action suit from some hick who was distracted by Colonel Sanders message on the road and rear-ends his neighbour’s pick-up truck

Wolff Olins : Research

Engage different consumers in different ways – why segmentation is key


Beet.TV: High Priestess of Social Media Charlene Li: “Metrics for Online Video is a Curse”

CBS Cancels ‘Guiding Light,’ Soap With 72-Year History –

Oh Yeah? Prove It. | Altitude Branding | Brand Elevation through Social Media

Herald Tribune launches global online edition – Brand Republic News – Brand Republic

Add Your Twitter Blog to Technorati Directory

Google China Music Search, Now Available Everywhere – it seems like the music industry in China is getting some smarts (at least compared to their cousins in the West)

The Sorry State of the Newspaper Industry: Advertising Income Fell 16.6% in 2008 – ReadWriteWeb

Time to revisit social media sponsorship | Blog | Econsultancy

EU Rejects ‘3 Strikes’ for File-Sharers | TorrentFreak

IAB Reports Internet Advertising Grew 10 Percent Last Year; Outpacing TV

In Europe, Possible Survival Lessons for U.S. Papers –

Who’s Messing With the Google Book Settlement? Hint: They’re in Redmond, Washington | Epicenter from

Facebook CFO Gideon Yu out: Personality conflict, money issues, part of IPO plan, or what? » VentureBeat


fifty six minus one dot com :: » kaixin001 + magnum :: – casual games, gifting. The ability to build complete microsites within a popular Chinese social network. This kicks the crap out of Facebook and Bebo

Hunch: Flickr Founder to Turn Indecision into Profits

Qaiku – Twitter like service

Facebook at 5 – Is It Growing Up Too Fast? –

Google Updates Blog Search Algorithm | WebProNews

Public timeline – MicroPlaza

Microsoft To Shutter Encarta, Read All About It On Wikipedia

Digital Hub FM – really nice local radio station site built on the Webjam platform

Social Networking Watch: MySpace Is Losing Popularity

Poor economy killed Wikia Search » VentureBeat

URL shortening service raises cash, but where’s the money? | Econsultancy


Masters of Media, New Media MA Amsterdam » How to Pave a Digital Silk Road


Joining dots between social sites reveals anonymous users – tech – 30 March 2009 – New Scientist


Audio Gold – quality used Hi-fi equipment – lusting after an old Mackintosh pre and power amp combo for glorious analogue sonic fidelity


plainview : software : the barbarian group

fruux – Just Sync, No-frills!

Travelodge launches iPhone booking service | Blog | Econsultancy

HP May Use Google Android For Netbooks (HPQ, GOOG)


Google uncloaks once-secret server

Is Microsoft Set to Abandon its Top-Down Zune Approach?

Welcome To Your Social Economy | Digital China Guide

BBC NEWS | Nintendo Wii sales hit 50 million – fastest selling games console in history


Akamai Data: Internet, Broadband Still Going & Growing

Web of no web | jonathan hopkins » Digital meets analogue, online meets offline – Jonathan on the web of no web, how the matrix is bleeding into real life and vice versa


Prepaid subscribers continue to flourish in Europe – Rethink Wireless

Smartphone Sales to Keep Growing

Earnings: 3 Group Narrows Losses As Mobile Broadband Surges | mocoNews