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Google Drive & more news

Reading Time: 4 minutes Google Drive privacy Sex Workers Say Porn on Google Drive Is Suddenly Disappearing – Motherboard – don’t assume that the contents of your Google Drive hasn’t been thoroughly examined by Google. Adult entertainment is merely the canary in the coal mine for Google Drive privacy. I would be very careful about using a cloud storage… Continue reading Google Drive & more news

Google Translate sucks & other news

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why Google Translate fails The Shallowness of Google Translate – The Atlantic – Google Translate really weak on language that uses metaphors or symbolic elements in their discussion. So examples that I am familiar with Google Translate failing on include both Cantonese and Mandarin. It’s Mandarin is slightly better, likely due to a wider body… Continue reading Google Translate sucks & other news

Google I/O 2016

Reading Time: 3 minutes Google I/O 2016 happened on May, 18 – 20.  There had been a lot of pieces of coverage about the different products and services released. But I wanted to spend a bit of time reflecting on what Google I/O 2016 told us about their viewpoint on technology. Giving apps a second chance Google knows as well… Continue reading Google I/O 2016