Music Industry Calls Halt to Giveaway CDs

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the UK, music is licenced to help marketing campaigns by giving away music with product. This tactic has been used the UK newspaper industry to great effect. Now according to Music Week, there are those within the industry that want to stop the practice, as they feel it undermines their fight against privacy and […]

Entertainment Cartels Fight TiVo Development Tooth and Nail

Reading Time: 4 minutes An article below from Sundays Washington Post by Rob Pegoraro illustrates why sports bodies and the movie industry should be locked up under RICO and the key thrown away. Original here. Maxium kudos to Dwayne Hendricks of the Interesting People mailing list for flagging this up. TiVo vs. the Broadcast Flag Wavers By Rob Pegoraro […]

Jack it in will you?

Reading Time: 1 minute Thanks to Robin I managed to go along to the Jack Magazine closing down party last Thursday. Less of a wake and more of a period of mourning. However, I met some nice people from Firebox dot com and a freelance journalist. The bash was held at The Player, a smoke box drinking den on […]

It was too good to last

Reading Time: 1 minute Slate, one of our favourite Microsoft products is on the sales lot at Redmond according to AP. Full details here. Slate is well written intelligent quality online publication, so obviously doesn’t fit in with the Microsoft corporate ethos. And as Bill Gates will probably tell you this Internetworking thing is a bit of a flash […]

Popbitch rumour mill

Reading Time: 1 minute From Popbitch: – speculation the Weinstein brothers are leaving Miramax imminently to buy MGM with Steve Jobs for more than $5bn – UK garage/ R&B starlets Mis-Teeq’s future in UK is worrisome, Telstar’s demise left them labelless, but Scandalous is shooting up the Billboard chart in US. No 35 and “greatest gainer” this week