Stop Press: Music Week coverage of BPI action on UK file sharers

Reading Time: 1 minute BPI launches legal action against 28 file-sharers The BPI has unveiled details of the UK record industry’s first legal suits against illegal filesharers this morning, with the confirmation that 28 individuals will be targetted during the first round of actions. The organisation announces that it will take legal action against 28 UK filesharers, which includes […]

More on AlwaysOn’s Magazine Launch

Reading Time: 1 minute From Tony Perkins at AO: We wanted our members to be the first to know that AlwaysOn (along with you!) will launch a new magazine—making it the first “blogozine” to hit the market…or whatever you want to call it. Checkout all the details in my new post on the site The cool thing is the […]

Moguls, Superman and Kryptonite

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been working my way through Michael Wolff’s Autumn of the Moguls and found some of it very predictable. Its obsession with disfunctionality amongst business leaders including Eisner and Messier.One thing that did strike a chord with me was the way technology had moved from saving the record industry from itself to becoming the […]

Don’t Panic

Reading Time: 1 minute Netimperative reports that the BBC having an online version of the Hitchhikers Guide the Galaxy adventure game. The game originally appeared on computing dinosaurs such as the Sinclair Spectrum. The move is part of a season of Douglas Adams themed work, including a rerun of the original radio series and the dramatisation of the last […]