Integrated thinking

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been thinking a lot about James Warren’s essay on inline PR for PR Week’s digital essay’s supplement, which in its breaking down of silo-ed online and offline campaigns mirrors my own thoughts on marketing and the development of the ‘web-of-no-web’. I won’t repeat James’ essay you can go over to his blog and … Read moreIntegrated thinking

Goodrec: iPhone drives good web design

Reading Time: 2 minutes My friend Jenny reached out to me the other week. Like so many of us, she’d finally left Yahoo! and found a new home at Goodrec, a SFO start-up that provides recommendations (at which point I can hear you sign and think to yourself: why should I care, there’s plenty of them like Yelp, Qype, … Read moreGoodrec: iPhone drives good web design

I haven’t got a clue (and neither has Sony)

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sony announced yesterday that it was pulling out of the PDA marketplace by stopping making the Clie range. There has been much analysis already of this on all the usual suspect sites online. The good news is that they are managing the process in such a way that existing customers won’t get shafted. They deserve … Read moreI haven’t got a clue (and neither has Sony)

Blogging & Mesh

Reading Time: 2 minutes No not some sort of record of a fetish of fishnet tights, but the two main subjects for this entry. First off, a bit of history. The first film based on a weblog is in the pipeline. Many of you may have read in the news last year about Salam Pax, apparently someone blogging in … Read moreBlogging & Mesh