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Digital zeitgeist meter Techmeme gets a revamp

Reading Time: < 1 minute A Friday morning tradition at Ruder Finn is enjoying a fried breakfast, which gave me a bit of iPad time earlier in the day than usual.  So I surfed over to the Techmeme site to see what was getting people agitated in digital and technology this morning to be confronted by a redesign. Gone is […]

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Japan: end of analogue TV transmissions video meme

Reading Time: < 1 minute On Sunday, Japan shut down most of its analogue TV network (apart from the provinces that had been worst hit by the earthquakes earlier this year).Once I got over the shock that there was still analogue transmissions in Japan because as a westerner I always have this idea of Japan living in the future, I […]

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Memewatch: Buy Rage Against The Machine track to rage against X-Factor

Reading Time: 3 minutes I first noticed this meme when my colleague Laura Strong tweeted about it earlier today. When I opened my email, I had a raft of Facebook group recommendations as well. There is a strong groundswell of support to make Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine the christmas number one in the UK […]