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Cocooning 2.0

Published: (Updated: ) in consumer behaviour | 消費者行為 | 소비자 행동 by .

A mix of technology and economics occurred in the 1980s which saw consumers spending much more time in a world of their own at home. This was driven by the video recorder and cable television in the US, it sank traditional cinemas and encouraged the film industry to fight back with the multiplex. We became […]

The internet of heavier things

Published: (Updated: ) in ideas | 想法 | 생각 | 考える, innovation | 革新 | 독창성 | 改変, quality | 質量 | 품질 | 品質, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー by .

I started to think about the internet of heavier things after I spent a bit of time with my Dad. We talked about work, engineering stuff in general and technology in general. My Dad has a pragmatic approach to technology, it’s ok so long as it fills three distinct criteria: It’s useful It’s efficient in […]

What does technology adoption really mean?

Published: (Updated: ) in consumer behaviour | 消費者行為 | 소비자 행동, design | 設計 | 예술과 디자인 | デザイン, innovation | 革新 | 독창성 | 改変, technology | 技術 | 기술 | テクノロジー by .

I ended up giving a lot of thought about the concept of technology adoption and what it really means. I have been spending a bit of time with the family over the Christmas period as the Carroll family CTO. Reading some of the statistics out there about technology adoption got me thinking whilst I was […]

KanDenko + more stuff

Published: (Updated: ) in culture | 文明 | 미디어와 예술 | 人文, design | 設計 | 예술과 디자인 | デザイン, economics | 經濟學 | 경제학 | 経済, finance | 은행업, hong kong | 香港 | 홍콩 | 香港, ideas | 想法 | 생각 | 考える, japan |日本 | 일본, singapore | 新加坡 | 싱가포르 | シンガポール, style | 時尚 | 유행 | ファッション by .

KanDenko KanDenko is a Japanese construction company that specialises in infrastructure. This advert communicates effectively what they do in a creative manner. KanDenko must have spent a good deal of money to have this film produced. But it is well worth it. Vintage Singapore Footage of Singapore‘s North Boat Quay circa 1983. This area has […]

Google Maps + more stuff

Published: (Updated: ) in finance | 은행업, fmcg | 雜貨業務 | 소비재 | 食料品事業, hong kong | 香港 | 홍콩 | 香港, innovation | 革新 | 독창성 | 改変, japan |日本 | 일본, marketing | 營銷 | 마케팅 | マーケティング, materials | 原料 | 원료 | 原材料, security | 保衛 | 정보 보안 | 情報セキュリティー, web of no web | 無處不在的技術 | 보급 기술 | 普及したテクノロジー by .

Google Maps The Wall Street Journal explores the history and technology behind Google Maps. The mapping equipment decrease in size over time is particularly interesting to see. The origin of Google Maps starts with a PC app developed the Rasmussen brothers. Jens went on to help found Apple’s map application as well. What quickly becomes […]