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Old 2.0: adventures in retail

Reading Time: 3 minutes I spent a little while with my parents in the UK over the past couple of weeks. Their use of television was frustrated by the electronic programme guide on their new set-top box. But what can you expect in terms of user experience from a piece of electronics that cost 8.99GBP in the supermarket. The […]

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Old 2.0: interfaces and use cases

Reading Time: 3 minutes I have donated my iPad to my parents. Before I did this I set the device up with an email and a Skype account. The iPad is thought to be a better computing device for older people. Also the touch interface deals with the disconnect between associating physical actions and what happens on screen (think […]

消费者行为 | consumer behaviour | 소비자 행동

Old 2.0: On the virtual road

Reading Time: < 1 minute My Dad has been using a sat nav device for a few years now and has recently upgraded to a TomTom device, so I decided this time when I was home to show him Google Maps, Satellite view and Street View. This was a revelation to both my parents. They checked out: Their house Our […]