Mamasan & things this week

Reading Time: 2 minutes AI Mamasan A Mamasan is the owner of a neighbourhood bar who listens with empathy and occasionally doles out advice to their patrons. Kind of like the proprietor in the Midnight Diner anime by Yaro Abe. This was then adapted into a Japanese TV series and movie. When suit company Yofuku no Aoyama decided to… Continue reading Mamasan & things this week

John Shaft & things that made last week

Reading Time: < 1 minute Samuel L Jackson has a second go at playing re-conned blaxploitation private investigator John Shaft. This time it seems to be a bit more self conscious and ironic in tonality. Think Jackson’s first outing as John Shaft mixed with Snakes on a Plane Gillette Spain comes up with an advert that looks at masculinity without… Continue reading John Shaft & things that made last week

GDPR resources

Reading Time: 2 minutes Partly due to Cambridge Analytica, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is going to have a more profound impact on data usage globally. GDPR would have been seen as an extra-legal reach, but Facebook is making it look like a good idea. I thought I would pull together a few resources that I thought would be… Continue reading GDPR resources