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Paula’s Loewe collar + more

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Loewe x Paula’s Spanish luxury brand Loewe x Paula’s rolled out its collaboration with Ibiza boutique Paula’s. Paula’s reflects a move of Ibiza away from sweaty EDM fans to a more elite stylish visitor more used to Pykes and Hunters. In many respects Loewe x Paula’s is about taking Ibiza back the original Balearic vibes […]

Blood and Faith – the purging of muslim Spain (1492 – 1614) by Matthew Carr

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I picked up Blood and Faith on a trip to Madrid. I have a habit of picking up English language history books if I can when visiting a place. It gives you a sense of how a country wants itself to be seen. These usually vary from clumsy propaganda to insightful works. Coming across Carr’s […]

Madrid + more things

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Madrid The order on things being written and posted on this blog has been scrambled up a bit and I ended up spent some time in Madrid with nothing to show for it as my SD card from my camera disappeared, I have no ideas where I mislaid it. In Madrid, the Prado museum is […]

Apple Ireland + more things

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Apple, Ireland and the Spanish connection – RTÉ News – interesting article on how the Irish government and Apple may appeal the EU tax ruling. Apple Ireland was one of the first technology companies to set up shop, so it’s symbolism is as important as its economic impact. More on Ireland related topics here. Why are […]

Spain – Madrid trip

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Impressions of Spain I got to form some initial impressions of Spain. It has been a while since I have travelled and got to spend more than a flying visit. I got to spend some time in Madrid. Madrid sits on a high arid plain that is cold in winter and hot and dry in […]