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ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

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Holiday season e-tailing links –

Exclusive: Huawei in talks to sell parts of its Honor smartphone business – sources | Reuters – interesting move that move Honor out of the US sanctions. Less convinced that Huawei can focus on high-end phones as there was a supply chain and design synergy with Honor. More on Huawei here.

Amazon launches an AR app that works with new QR codes on its boxes | TechCrunch

Why the Serverless Revolution Has Stalled | InfoqServerless computing refers to an architecture in which applications (or parts of applications) run on-demand within execution environments that are typically hosted remotely. That said, it’s also possible to host serverless systems in-house.

China’s Games Streaming Giants Huya and DouYu to Merge – Variety – Twitch analogues

EFFECTOR® -ROCK ON THE EYEWEAR- – amazing Japanese eyewear. More style related content here.

Samsung pulls BTS-branded products from online Chinese platforms | Financial Times – this just makes Chinese netizens look ridiculous. It shows a fragile nature in Chinese nationalism. The kind of fragility that could drive China to conflict as the party tries to stay ahead of nationalist sentiment

The ‘Fake Rich’ of Shanghai: Peeking Inside a Wannabe Socialite WeChat Group | What’s on Weibo – this shows the lengths people will go to be ‘living their best lives’. There have been examples of western and Russian netizens doing similar things for Instagram

Caterpillar bets on self-driving machines impervious to pandemics | ReutersFred Rio, worldwide product manager at Caterpillar’s construction digital & technology division, told Reuters that a remote-control technology, which allows users to operate machines from several miles away, would be available for construction sites in January. – They’re not self driving as the headline says, but controlled remotely: think drones not robots. John Deere had done work on pre-plotted courses guided by GPS for ploughing and spraying in large fields. However in agriculture, this is also tied into a bigger issue around the ‘right to repair’ making automation to date non-viable for many farmers

Taiwan academics told to identify as Chinese in journal | News | The TimesSpringer Nature claimed that under its editorial policy, authors alone could choose their affiliations, but said that it was “unable to enforce” the same standard on journals it did not own. It considered Eye and Vision, owned by the Wenzhou Medical University in China, as a “co-publisher” that operated under separate editorial guidelines. “The stipulations of this and other Chinese-owned journals with respect to Taiwanese affiliations are beyond our control,” it said. Its position has prompted outrage from leading academics in Britain, who have demanded that Springer Nature stop partnering with journals that operate under rules set by authoritarian regimes

#MyLevisMyVibe Hashtag Videos on TikTokEarlier this year, Levi’s tested the TikTok ‘Shop Now’ button, which allowed them to provide their fans with a more integrated shopping experience within the app. We are truly moving towards the type of social commerce that has already been going on in China for several years. Now Levis has come back for another big TikTok campaign. This #MyLevisMyVibe is a simple, fun way for people to play around dressing up with Levi’s apparel. What better way for retail brands to connect with their fans than by highlighting them trying on actual clothes? It reminds me a bit of the Asos #AySauceChallenge we covered a few weeks ago. We’re starting to see so many brands now use TikTok that the total set of case studies to draw from is getting larger. I also noted that the language used by Levi’s in the hashtag challenge says “Show us your authentic self,” emphasising the trend of authenticity we are seeing across all modern advertising. I must say that by seeing random people creating their own videos to voluntarily participate in a challenge, it really does feel authentic. – the take from Good TikTok creative

Orders from the Top: The EU’s Timetable for Dismantling End-to-End Encryption | Electronic Frontier Foundation – interesting that this appeared, alongside Five Eyes governments, India, and Japan make new call for encryption backdoors | ZDNet 

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ICYMI | 万一你错过了| 당신이 그것을 놓친 경우에 대비해서

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Why Are Teens Sharing Pro IRA Memes on TikTok? | Slate – pro IRA memes aren’t that they seem. The pro IRA memes aren’t literal support for the armed struggle. But are comments on the politics of the day. The helpless of COVID, BLM and access to healthcare. Provos have become meme fodder to discuss other issues. This give you an idea of how fast the Good Friday agreement has faded into history

Taiwan unveils new-look passports to avoid ‘China confusion’ | South China Morning PostSouth China Morning Post it is all because of the confusion and discrimination created when our people travel abroad only to be identified as nationals of China,” he said. Wu said that since the coronavirus pandemic began in January, many Taiwanese people had faced discrimination at immigration checkpoints because they had been mistaken for mainland Chinese nationals. More Taiwan related topics here.

FBI investigates deaths of mining executives in UK corruption probe | Financial Times – this reads like the start of a good novel

Who are the four in ten Britons who say “advertising helps me choose what to buy”? | YouGov – tend to be younger, female and more idealistic

The Epic Battle for the Soul of Antitrust | Verfassungsblog – interesting read about US antitrust law

Unilever plans to remove oil-based ingredients from all cleaning products | Business | The Guardian – this is interesting, how will they get the non-oil chemicals to scale, and how much energy needs to be put in to make it happen? Is it just shuffling the carbon footprint to other parts of the supply chain?

Japan, pioneer of one-person economy – Japan pioneered the singleton economy. Now China is catching up: Mainland singles break 200 million: a look into savoring singledom in Shanghai – their economic power explains how the Chinese government dialogue went from ‘leftover women’ to ‘little sisters’. Interesting analysis from Hong Kong’s Apple Daily

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton shop display in Hong Kong

LV knock-offs in China implanted with chip to pass off as branded bags: reports – inevitable and impressive. It reminds me of when I first visited Hong Kong and bought a couple of pirate CDs. These weren’t ripped on CD burning equipment like in a PC, but in a proper CD pressing plant. The packaging was far superior to the original items and even had holograms that marked them as being genuine pirate copies of a high quality. I think that Louis Vuitton not being able to trust their staff is more worrying: A Louis Vuitton Employee Allegedly Sold Unreleased Bags to Counterfeiters So They Could Make Better Fakes 

Should Google’s Ad Market Be Regulated Like the Stock Market? | WIRED – author argues that it should as it runs the market and is the largest buyer and seller in the market

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Things that caught my eye this week

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Indonesia is a fascinating place in and of itself and comes up with all kinds of cultural nuggets. The latest one that I came across was the Vespa Extreme moped sub-culture. Vespa scooters are plentiful in Indonesia, as is the desire to invent. Car tuning culture is big amongst the middle class. But for those who need something more affordable Vespa Extreme builds are a site to behold. The South China Morning Post put together this great documentary film on the Vespa Extreme culture and its riders.

Like car culture there are meet-ups, cruises and even festivals organised.

Vespa Extreme Culture.

About half of the mobile game developers on iOS are based in China, the country’s universities turn out more programmers each year than anywhere else (including India). Yet China has still lagged behind other countries games in terms of incorporating technology and art. That’s where Black Myth: Wukong is supposed to come in. Sun Wukong is one of the names of the Monkey King in the Chinese literary classic Journey To The West. This has been a staple of Chinese animation and film for years.

Black Myth: Wukong

Could it be popular in China? It’s hard to tell from this pre-Alpha release footage. The biggest issues are likely to come from Chinese regulators. But hopefully the game won’t have to undergo the lengthy rewrites and changes foreign games have to do to comply. Instead the Chinese developers should be able to bake compliance in from the start. However, its China; so nothing is guaranteed.

German software giant SAP created a Tinder-like internal matching app to connect isolated employees for virtual lunches during remote work – its an interesting approach to things I guess. Home working lacks serendipity of working in an office. There is no water cooler moments. Social interactions are limited and Zoom analogues (Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting etc) burden the user with a heavy cognitive load. I just hope that this is opt-in at SAP, rather than ‘enforced’ or ‘serious fun’.

The Ikea Taiwan Facebook page faithfully created looks from their catalogue on Animal Crossing, much to the delight of their Taiwanese and Hong Kong based followers. The original post is here.

Ikea Taiwan Animal Crossing
The original Facebook post
Ikea Taiwan Animal Crossing
Front cover with Animal Crossing characters, but on Ikea furniture
Ikea Taiwan Animal Crossing
Side-by-side comparison between the original catalogue and a recreation using sets dressed in Animal Crossing
Ikea Taiwan Animal Crossing
Another example, all prices are in Taiwan dollars rather than Animal Crossing belles

More Ikea related content here.

Spotify is already encouraging media planners to start thinking about audio adverts for their client Christmas campaigns. More here; Spotify’s Christmas in Summer: Hear the Cheer