Facebook places: in their own words

Reading Time: < 1 minute Facebook have released a video to explain the hows and wherefores of their new location-based service addition to the social network Godzilla. You could argue about whether this is sharing too much in one place or what kind of privacy car-crash Facebook will make out of location data but that is for a another time. … Read moreFacebook places: in their own words

SMI 2010 thoughts | notes

Reading Time: < 1 minute SMI 2010 thoughts | notes, originally uploaded by renaissancechambara. My notes and takeaways from Social Media Influence 2010 distilled down into a mind-map on my Moleskine notebook. Enjoy.

Should Apple try and work with Blackberry to get BBM on the iPhone?

Reading Time: < 1 minute I don’t know whether they are doing this already, or whether they tried and fell out. But I do know that the key phrase ‘iphone bbm’ currently is giving me regular traffic to this post: Where’s my iPhone BBM?, indicating a keen interest out there in netizens for this to happen. Google Analytics as a … Read moreShould Apple try and work with Blackberry to get BBM on the iPhone?

Where’s my iPhone BBM?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Blackberry has one killer application and it isn’t email which others can replicate easily. In North America, you can get a lifetime mobile email appliance the Peek Pronto for a one-time payment of $299; as a technology email has become almost as democratised as SMS on mobile devices. Those phones that don’t have it are … Read moreWhere’s my iPhone BBM?

Consumer behaviour in the matrix

Reading Time: 3 minutes I went to MiniBar the other Friday with my old Yahoo! buddy Chieu and started discussing the whys and wherefores of augmented technology. We met up with Zack who was a former engineer at Yahoo! and carried on the discussion at Sichuan restaurant Barshu in Soho. The food was great. Firstly, on the surface the … Read moreConsumer behaviour in the matrix